Monday, April 20, 2015

RI summer range

If a few hours of sunshine here and there are not doing it for you anymore, you're probably dreaming of a summer holiday as much as I am!

I have not stopped gasping at swimwear in stores for the last few weeks. I am rather torn what look I'd like to sport at the beach this year. There seems to be so many options! I am quite likely to end up going for a little bit of all of them...

The one thing I am definitely into are the retro style bikinis. Some crochet fabrics paired with fab embroidered separates can be found in lots of different variances in the River Island's summer collection. Who says swimwear is only suitable for around the pool?! Mix it up with some cute separates and quirky accents such as kitsch sunglasses or furry accessories for day time cool. I love how this is not a very tropical, obvious and high street collection. If you dare to be a little bit different and maybe stick to black, white or silver this summer, River Island is the place to shop :)



All clothing and accessories from River Island

My top 3 accessories from RI collection: 

This bag absolutely stole my heart (shop it HERE)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nothing special

Part of me was surprised to realise that I am yet to ever mention or feature this dress on the blog. Part of me immediately knew why - it's nothing special.
The dress, the shoes, the coat, not to mention the black opaques (rarely photographed by bloggers) definitely don't fit any of the new trends or a particularly cool subject I could now discuss. Quite the opposite, they're rather boring.

As it happens though, it's the 'nothing special' kind of clothes that we wear most of the time. And I think it's time to photograph them, talk about them and hey, admire them. After all, these are the clothes that make up our daily life.

Most of mine are grey and black. There's a lot of opaques because dresses are quick and easy to style and the weather is well, Irish. As for heels, they are quite chunky and rather low. Comfort is obviously an aspect but being 5'7 if I wear 'proper' heels I quickly look extremely tall and tower over people which personally I am not very fond of.

Here it is then, my very normal outfit which I wore to work and photographed around the corner from the office (oh the glam life of fashion bloggers...).


Coat - Zara
Dress - & Other Stories
Glasses - Nathalia's :)

It's in the detail...

Necklace - Penneys
Ring (index finger) - vintage
Ring (middle finger) - Lola Rosa 
(I only discovered them recently, fab jewellery)
Bag - Zara
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sweats to work?

Why not?! Just messing with you. Well maybe not totally but kind of. Since sportswear or as I prefer to refer to it: sports-inspired clothing has become so popular, it is amazing how much easier it is to dress to work wearing something really comfortable but still appropriate.

Take that (not so) black and white look. The top is a sweatshirt but as expected from COS, you would hardly wear it to the gym. It's structured and sharp, with unusually shaped sleeves but overall very simple. Thanks to it's straight lined cut and thick fabric it rarely creases (except for the morning the photos were being taken, typical!) and it holds the shape perfectly which makes it office appropriate. It requires very little or preferably no accessorizing. I couldn't help myself though and added this very chic Penneys necklace (I've been looking for one of these everywhere and of course, Penneys gets it right!). The H&M joggers are very relaxed but again, there are a few details that make these work, rather than a morning run, appropriate: the turned up cuff (looks great with heels), the pockets (no pockets = take them for a run!) and the golden zips (not actually serving any purpose other than look good; they're on top of actual pockets).

The oversized shopper bag is a bit of a necessity in my case, dragging anything from laptop to files around is not very practical in a tiny clutch (considering holdalls occasionally). Not necessarily appropriate for the office (although I somehow managed to get away with on Friday) are the New Balance runners. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you'll know I'm rather obsessed with these.

Happy sporty styling!



Top/Sweatshirt - COS
Joggers - H&M
Jacket - Zara

It's in the details...

Necklace - Penneys
Ring (middle finger) - &Other Stories
Braided ring - Chupi

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Busy working on my '9 to 5 wardrobe', 'going out wardrobe' and 'casual-wear wardrobe' I have forgotten that one should only ever need one closet. As you do.
Annmarie (O'Connor, ref: my recent Happy Closet experience) kindly reminded me that my clothes may need to work a little bit harder. This also applies to me as creating several almost separate wardrobes for my many identities (don't lie to me saying you've only got one) was an easy solution: right corner by the window for work wear, left hand side by the shoes for day dresses, close to the door for going out and stacks of tops and jeans for casual wear on the shelves. It appears to work and it does appear to be organised but at the end of the day it easily ends up taking up half of the house. Following Annmarie's advice I rediscovered multitasking clothes such as an oversized shirt which works fabulously with skinny cigarette pants for work, with a long willowy skirt for drinks out and with a pair of jeans at the weekend. Bingo!

I also have to tell you about these jeans. They're not just any jeans, they're € 7 jeans! Non-sale, full price € 7 by Forever21. Uhum I know. I got them when I needed something that I wouldn't care for getting damaged and here we are, a few months later, still together ;) Well worth a look! When looking for a link I also found some other fab looking steals from F21. This crowd is getting good, watch out high street.

All by Forever21

Jeans - F21
Plimsolls - Zara
Shirt - JCrew
Sweater - Zara

It's in the details...

Bag - Zara
Necklace - COS
Daisy Ring - Tiffany & Co


Anna K. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Where are you spring?!

I am getting really tired of this weather. It's tough doing my best to stay positive which is not easy as being caught in the rain/wind/snow daily is no longer fun (I am sure it was at some stage before... no? well my bad).

I was delighted with a sunny start to the day since I planned to take some outfit shots. First day of March called for something a lot more vernal (or so I thought) and I was really quite happy with myself until the (not so unusual) turn of events (read: weather) led to a good few centimeters of snow. As I am typing this, the snow is almost forgotten (sun eventually found it's way back) but this was of course after I have already worked through the photos.

Did I just spend 2 paragraphs talking about the weather!? Ireland has managed to infiltrate my blood somehow! Ok, let's move on. Khaki, the subject I had in mind was khaki and how much I like it. Not sure why & when exactly I forgot about it but it always pops up here and there for summer (safari and all that). It's having quite a comeback this year with military styles as well. I am loving it and can't wait to have some tan to sport with it. As tan is probably long coming I got a khaki jacket which I paired with a much lighter (hopeful) colour palette.

Some khaki inspiration and my look below. Fingers crossed we'll be ditching the jackets soon!

Julie of Sincerely Jules (somewhat a khaki mastermind in my opinion), Arielle of Something Navy & Olivia Palermo

Blouse - Lush 
Trousers - LennonCourtney
Jacket - Zara
Heels - Gucci

It's in the details...

Bag - Zara
Necklace - H&M

Did I mention how much Molly loves the camera now?! Evidence below ;)

Street style inspiration: 


Anna K.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Big Apple

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed that I was freezing my butt off in New York for a few days last week. Before you ask: no I did not spend a glamorous week at New York Fashion Week. I probably shouldn't admit this but I only realised it was on when I was already there!

Life often takes unusual turns & direction and recently I seem to focus on food, exercise and my foodie daytime work so much that fashion has been a little bit less prominent. Not that I don't enjoy the beautiful clothes anymore! (I have not gone crazy my dear) However, I looked forward to a few days in busy New York getting lost in the crowd, enjoying the fabulous food & cafes of Meatpacking District & Chelsea and getting submerged in a good book in the tiny apartment in West Village with an occasional glimpse of a metal fire escape rattling behind the window.

New York is a very unusual place, I feel that the more I see the more I have left to see! It's as if discovering it was only making it into a bigger 'job'.

I was never afraid of hard work though so I am happily taking up the challenge of trying to discover the prettiest spots, the coolest shops and the tastiest bites!

Here are a few of my top to visit from the recent trip (sorry if they're too obvious to some!):

  • Chelsea Market - over the 4.5 days I had in the city I was there at least 4 times, that should say enough. Food, fashion, life..
  •  The Egg Shop - I discovered this place when trying to come up with something we could do / eat for Valentines. My boy is the fussiest egg eater (I know he'll disagree saying he just wants them right, which does seem fair enough but rarely happens in Dublin). This place not only gets it right, they get it SO bloody right. It nearly went on fire when we were there so I would recommend seats close to the door ;)
  • Sarabeth's - so busy but so worth it, I just love them and it's the essence of New York and their brunch culture to me
  • Gansevoort Market - worth to visit for the location itself, you will accidentally bump into every designer / cool shop there is to find in West Village when trying to find it
  • Eataly - if you want to feel like you're in Italy while in New York
  • Baked by Melissa - this is now a tradition, I need to get their tiny tasty peanut butter cupcake thingys the moment I land
  • Rossopomodoro - amazing Italian in West Village, I think this is not the only location, well worth checking out
  • Bluestone Lane Coffee - for a great cup of flat white, you know you need to head to an Australian joint. It will not disappoint and the avocado is good too & SO insta-friendly 
  • Coppelia - when in America, American Diner is a must. This one serves Cuban twist on food 24/7. Rather perfect.

I think I could go on but this is just making me feel like holiday again so I will stop right here and let you enjoy a few shots of my fave locations. No outfit posts since I was wearing about 10 layers, could not care less for looking good, just wanted to get rid of my cold and be happy.

Chelsea Market

West Village

The amazing Egg Shop

Compulsory steam & yellow cab shot ;)

Hudson River


Views from the High Line

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