Thursday, November 13, 2014


I met the optician's recommendation that I wear glasses 'only' when I read, in front of a computer or drive (read: 99% of the time I'm not asleep) with mixed feelings.

An opportunity to add another accessory? Tick.
A dilemma considering that this accessory is actually on your face? Tick.
An immediate urge to stock up on 5 pairs which may never be worn? Tick.

I decided to ease myself into it. Spending a couple of hundred €'s on glasses is as easy as leaving them to never see the daylight in the bottom desk drawer (no? never happened to you?).

I decided to use Firmoo which some thought was a mad thing to do. Until they saw my glasses that is.

Firmoo is an online store, I used them previously for sunglasses and was very happy with the product. I know that prescription is different but not so much if you've gone to a good optician. My prescription had every detail I needed to fill in Firmoo's through online order forms and guarantee that once I put my glasses on, yep I can see.

The selection of frames on their website is quite wide but not overwhelming. What I really like about it is that they have many of the trendy styles that we're used to seeing in sunglasses but not very often in prescription glasses. I went for the geeky round shape which is the same style I often use in sunglasses. I am yet to make wearing them a daily habit but I am definitely getting better at it. And I haven't spent a fortune so I may be back for another pair (or two)...  

Top - Siopaella 
Coat - Religion
Scarf - Penneys
Jeans - New Look
Boots - Mango
Bag - Forever21
Glasses - Firmoo
Silver ring - Blarney Woolen Mills

The Beauty Bootcamp

Just before the Beauty Bootcamp has launched their new Cheryl Beauty session, I had an opportunity to meet Liz and her team and go through a teaser session of the class.

What to expect? A lot of tips! Any questions hair and makeup related? Girls will answer them all. They are absolutely lovely and put you at ease so it's a bit of fun and a bit of learning (a glass of Cava helps ;) .They will show you how to do it, try it on you and get you to do some work & learning yourself. 

I had a great fun at the short evening session so making a day out of it must be only better. I totally see how a group of gals would turn this into a fab pampering day pre-great night out. 

Well worth it. 

See an interview with Liz and a video for Xpose HERE


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

9-5 #Maxi sleeve

I am quite reliant on dresses when it comes to my daily 9 - 5 outfits. It's obvious to me that it's the easiest choice (no need to match, tuck in or out, no decisions to be made at 6am). I am often surprised how many women rely on separates for work assuming it's the simple solution.

Dress shopping can be a struggle for many which may justify the above. A few things that I always keep in mind when getting a dress for work:
  • Comfortable - this is so important. If like me you're conscious of your stomach area and go from feeling like a superstar to a balloon as quickly as munching through a banana, this is one of the key factors. 
  • Long enough - I often fall short on this one (see what I did here?! ;). There's nothing worse than pulling at your hemline for half a day. You may wish it works but it doesn't and no pair of  opaques will replace a few inches that are missing. 
  • Colour - do keep it simple. Not boring, simple. 
  • Structure - pick a dress with a bit of a structure, a detail such as a 'maxi sleeve' (love it on this one) or a fold at the front. It'll keep it interesting, modern and cool. Don't be afraid of a simple detail like that, you can carry it off! Pockets always help.
  • Spend a little bit more if you can - I am still learning to remember that. Cheap, trendy dresses don't work for work. Simple. The shape changes after 1 wash, the colour is out of season before you get to wear it twice and they're never as chic as the slightly pricier version.
  • Think outside the box - everyone in the office will go to Zara, H&M and Penneys. Investing in independent, unique brands and designers will keep you looking fashionable without trying too hard.   


Dress - Wearso 
(Polish brand using only organic cotton, worth checking out)
Heels - LK Bennett (tattooed!)
Bag - River Island

Sunday, November 2, 2014


I'm far from being a beauty junkie and although I occasionally overspend on lipsticks (they're SO difficult to ignore at the Mac counter!), cosmetics for me are more of a necessity (as bad as it sounds). Nothing like a good bargain so to help keep my clothes shopping budget healthy.

I'm after discovering in a rather unusual way - through the Jack & Jill charity.
What's the link? has partnered with Jack and Jill Children's Foundation and donates a  % of every sale from their website to the charity. If that doesn't encourage you, how about the fact that their products are significantly cheaper than on high street?? (they know all the tricks).

Last but not least, I've a 10% further discount for you on the page, avail by using this promo code: Jackandjill before the end of November.

Thank me later, I'm off to enjoy my new bottle of perfume...

Issey Miyake from 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Travel mode

I really enjoyed taking the pics around pretty Bratislava and somehow I even managed to convince my boy to take a few shots of my outfit. It is not super-exciting. It is very much practical and it's the kind of outfit I tend to go for when away. As they say: if it's not broken, don't fix it... We all need to go with the reliable option sometimes.

A simple black or trench coat works for both day and night. The same applies to skinny jeans. I swapped the New Balance runners (the comfiest thing ever) for heeled boots for the night and I was pretty much ready! This snood is one of the fave items in my wardrobe, I happily go back to it every autumn which is not a common scenario!

Last but not least, as delighted as I am that Ryanair finally allows a handbag on a plane, I am one of those terrible people who pick up the biggest bag they have... in case they've done some shopping over the weekend. Sorry (not sorry) fellow passengers. I totally needed it to carry all the books & magazines around though!


Coat - Religion
Jeans - Zara
Runners - New Balance
Bag - Forever21

It's in the details...

Snood - H&M
Rings - Claddagh right & my mom's engagement ring

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

City trip: Bratislava

I love weekend breaks away and I usually follow a simple rule in picking a destination: cheapest flights on Ryanair available. It works most of the time.

This is exactly how I ended up booking a weekend break in Bratislava. I was told to expect a scene from Eurotrip so imagine my surprise and delight to find this instead...

Stunning, picturesque, cobble-stoned Old Town 

Funky, comfortable, full of odd seats cafes which looked as if transported directly from London serving a range of interesting sandwiches, single origin coffees and local beers (photo: Urban Space, highly recommended)

Lots of hipster cafes / restaurants serving great traditional local food (Zylinder was my fave), pancakes & unusual teas (funki punki) & healthy grub (Foxford)

Creative area full of interesting people trying to promote local fashion & support a charitable cause while they're at it

Was I impressed? Yes
Would I go back? Yes! 

Not for party-lovers, this is a quiet city when it comes to a European capital (from what I've seen) but it's the most unexpected mix of old, new, Western and Eastern which I absolutely loved and enjoyed in my own way.. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Trend test

I sometimes flick through magazine pages amazed with some of the trends being featured. Who and why would ever want to wear that?! On the other hand, some of my nearest & dearest consider my wardrobe quite 'out there' and only the other day I had a chat with my boy who confirmed that he no longer pays any attention to the weird clothes I wear (honesty is the foundation of a good relationship;). So as a general rule, I wouldn't judge a person/ outfit / trend until I actually try and understand it myself. 

I decided that testing some of these may actually be fun. After all, if they don't work, you get to laugh at me! Being a comedian was never in my plans but hey whatever makes you dear reader happy!

Here it is so, a trend test of Miu Miu's look below. 
The concept? A jumper / roll neck worn under a strappy, rather summery, potentially metallic dress. 
The hope? wearing summer dresses in winter! if this works, we'll all suddenly double up our winter wardrobes... 

Miu Miu AW'14

Ready, steady, go Anna ;) 

Jumper - Zara
Dress - Boohoo
Boots - & Other Stories

I am dying to hear your opinions but here are my few thoughts: 
  • I look rather pregnant which I'm not 
  • It's a comfy & warm outfit
  • The jumper under the dress definitely makes me look bigger
  • Perhaps if the dress was less floaty? although then you could potentially see the think jumper underneath... 
  • Not sure I'm convinced but looking forward to your views!  

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