Sunday, November 15, 2015

New beginnings

It was difficult to stay away from some sort of writing (as many have guessed!). In case you fancy a peek at some more of my ramble, check out my new page (which also includes all of my previous fashion stuff..).

Sunday, May 10, 2015


These must be my favorite outfit photos ever. They are just so Dublin: the perfectly dimmed light, the tricky cobblestone and the colorful flags. I also love this outfit, it is so me and for some reason, feels as natural as I can possibly feel in an outfit.

It is rather perfect that I get to use these photos for this rather special post.

Dear Reader, I plan for this to be my last post. I am rather stressed saying this but I have been meaning to say it for some time now. It's not and an easy decision, leaving you but we had some amazing times together ;)

I hope that this isn't actually  a goodbye. Let's just say we need to take a break and see how things plan out.

Stay stylish Dublin ;)


Anna K.

Wool sleeveless coat - New Look
Jeans - H&M
Blouse - Banana Republic

It's in the details...

Heels - Carvela
Bag - Zara
Vintage silver ring - Rhinestones
Necklace - Penneys

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My petals

I can't think of a better location or timing to shoot this look. It was very rushed with the weather changing every 2 minutes which probably doesn't make much sense to you based on my first sentence.
You see sometimes you need bad weather to, first of all, get you to think a little bit outside the box and secondly, to give you a 'petal shower'!
I have been admiring these cherry blossom trees on my way home daily. While I was having the photos taken the crazy weather and wind helped the already weakened petals to fall all around me in a magical petal shower :)
What does that have to do with the clothes you say?
Well in this case there's actually a bit of a link. I happened to be wearing the Orla Kiely for Clarks platforms which are graced with Orla's famous print underneath (petals? leaves? close either way!). The location and timing just seemed to come together.

I couldn't wait to get my hands on a pair of Orla's shoes from Clarks, the collection is absolutely amazing and it wasn't easy to choose just one pair! (See lots more styles HERE). I needed a fun pair of summer shoes though and these more than fit the bill. They're super comfy as you would expect from Clarks.

When thinking of what to wear them with I flicked through some looks online and everywhere I looked there were platforms paired with tea dresses or shirt dresses in a very 70s take on the look. The shoes are in a retro style so I thought I will try something different and I went for a very modern, very simple ensemble.

70s, I hope you forgive me but I like my 2015 take on your platforms better!



Trousers - Banana Republic
Top - Zara
Jacket - Fenn Wright Manson

It's in the details...

Orla Kiely platforms - Walsh Brothers Shoes
Bag - Oasis
Sunglasses - Mango
Necklace - & Other Stories
Rings - H&M

Sunday, April 26, 2015

9 to 5 #Flats

I am an absolute believer in an office 'shoedrobe'. Ok I may have just invented that word but as you probably guessed, I am talking about a wardrobe for shoes only in your workplace. I simply can't imagine having to get in to town wearing the shoes I will be in for the day. I usually wear a pair of flats that more or less go with the outfit which means I can run out at lunch to run a few errands or if I'm late for a meeting I can speed walk through town. It also means that I have a few pairs of shoes to choose from at my desk and I can pick them at the time of a day that is much more appropriate (ie when I get there) than when I am leaving the house (ie half asleep).

I have been working on my collection of flats recently as they tend not to last too long and I find I often need a whole new collection come spring. I would probably get a lot more wear out of them if I went for something more expensive but I like a selection of different styles and colours so I have to compromise somewhere.

I am currently loving this simple but cute pair from Forever21, great buy at less than € 20! There's a lot more from F21 coming soon, I've been rediscovering their contemporary range ;)

During this odd time of the year when a jacket can be too much on a sunny morning I love a good cardigan that can double up as a jacket. This one here is from New York (Anthropologie in Chelsea Market, see my post on that trip HERE) and is so deliciously fluffy I keep it on even when the sun comes out ;)



Shirt - H&M
Trousers - Mango
Cardigan - Anthropologie

It's in the details...

Sunglasses - Anthropologie
Rings - Penneys
Handbag - All Saints
Flats - Forever21
Phone cover - that SSG SC phone cover shop 
(no clue what it's called)

Monday, April 20, 2015

RI summer range

If a few hours of sunshine here and there are not doing it for you anymore, you're probably dreaming of a summer holiday as much as I am!

I have not stopped gasping at swimwear in stores for the last few weeks. I am rather torn what look I'd like to sport at the beach this year. There seems to be so many options! I am quite likely to end up going for a little bit of all of them...

The one thing I am definitely into are the retro style bikinis. Some crochet fabrics paired with fab embroidered separates can be found in lots of different variances in the River Island's summer collection. Who says swimwear is only suitable for around the pool?! Mix it up with some cute separates and quirky accents such as kitsch sunglasses or furry accessories for day time cool. I love how this is not a very tropical, obvious and high street collection. If you dare to be a little bit different and maybe stick to black, white or silver this summer, River Island is the place to shop :)



All clothing and accessories from River Island

My top 3 accessories from RI collection: 

This bag absolutely stole my heart (shop it HERE)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Nothing special

Part of me was surprised to realise that I am yet to ever mention or feature this dress on the blog. Part of me immediately knew why - it's nothing special.
The dress, the shoes, the coat, not to mention the black opaques (rarely photographed by bloggers) definitely don't fit any of the new trends or a particularly cool subject I could now discuss. Quite the opposite, they're rather boring.

As it happens though, it's the 'nothing special' kind of clothes that we wear most of the time. And I think it's time to photograph them, talk about them and hey, admire them. After all, these are the clothes that make up our daily life.

Most of mine are grey and black. There's a lot of opaques because dresses are quick and easy to style and the weather is well, Irish. As for heels, they are quite chunky and rather low. Comfort is obviously an aspect but being 5'7 if I wear 'proper' heels I quickly look extremely tall and tower over people which personally I am not very fond of.

Here it is then, my very normal outfit which I wore to work and photographed around the corner from the office (oh the glam life of fashion bloggers...).


Coat - Zara
Dress - & Other Stories
Glasses - Nathalia's :)

It's in the detail...

Necklace - Penneys
Ring (index finger) - vintage
Ring (middle finger) - Lola Rosa 
(I only discovered them recently, fab jewellery)
Bag - Zara
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sweats to work?

Why not?! Just messing with you. Well maybe not totally but kind of. Since sportswear or as I prefer to refer to it: sports-inspired clothing has become so popular, it is amazing how much easier it is to dress to work wearing something really comfortable but still appropriate.

Take that (not so) black and white look. The top is a sweatshirt but as expected from COS, you would hardly wear it to the gym. It's structured and sharp, with unusually shaped sleeves but overall very simple. Thanks to it's straight lined cut and thick fabric it rarely creases (except for the morning the photos were being taken, typical!) and it holds the shape perfectly which makes it office appropriate. It requires very little or preferably no accessorizing. I couldn't help myself though and added this very chic Penneys necklace (I've been looking for one of these everywhere and of course, Penneys gets it right!). The H&M joggers are very relaxed but again, there are a few details that make these work, rather than a morning run, appropriate: the turned up cuff (looks great with heels), the pockets (no pockets = take them for a run!) and the golden zips (not actually serving any purpose other than look good; they're on top of actual pockets).

The oversized shopper bag is a bit of a necessity in my case, dragging anything from laptop to files around is not very practical in a tiny clutch (considering holdalls occasionally). Not necessarily appropriate for the office (although I somehow managed to get away with on Friday) are the New Balance runners. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you'll know I'm rather obsessed with these.

Happy sporty styling!



Top/Sweatshirt - COS
Joggers - H&M
Jacket - Zara

It's in the details...

Necklace - Penneys
Ring (middle finger) - &Other Stories
Braided ring - Chupi

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