Friday, October 23, 2009

Cropped jacket

Just a quick note on the above which seemed to be quite popular among attendants at the Milan Fashion Week S/S 2010.

I think it's great with high waisted trousers or skirt as I personally have a bit of a problem what to put over the top which is tucked inside. Wearing nothing over the top is a bit too much for me as it reveals all the good and in my case also the bad sides. Cropped jacket is a brilliant way of stylish cover up to hide these little bits that we don't want to show off ;)
All pics - Milan Fashion Week.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fashion Studio

I only discovered H&M's fashion studio last week. Not really sure if it's early or really late ;) The point is - it's pretty cool. For those who are not aware-you basically put outfits together. You can swap between pieces of wardrobe, their colours, the way you want them to be worn etc. And of course you get to pick the model :)

I had a go and this is the outcome of my first try.

I'm actually pretty impressed, with H&M I mean. I'm not really a big fan of their clothes but they look pretty cool there and are actually really easy to put together. They could surely increase the variety of clothes listed for styling to make it better and more fun but it's not bad. I actually liked the black scarf so much (tried with few coats) that I went off and bought one today :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Simply Riveroholism

Being subscribed to River Island web I always get e-mails about new trends, competitions and most importantly SALES. Week in advance. Something a completely broke shopaholic does surely not need right now.
I guess what has already happened can not be undone ;) I got e-mail about sale coming up in stores on the 20th. Yep, today is the 20th...
I seriously got into the habit of sleeping in at this stage. Dark, autumnal mornings don't help my pre-September resolutions of getting up early etc. Today was (not) surprisingly different though. The RI Sale 'somehow' managed to beat my morning laziness and get me out of bed @ 8. I got to the shop just when the rain outside eased a bit so it was possible to actually walk across town and early enough to get some stuff I am really really happy with...
Here are my fav bargain pics;

I think it's a dress but I tried it on with very tight skinny jeans and it looks perfect. It has pockets which is very cool


Front - I was watching that dress for a while but wasn't convinced to the price... I changed my mind today when the tag with sale price came up ;) it's really cute and dressy and although I hate animal trends, I always say noone looks good in them well... never say never!

I absolutely fell for that bag. Not my colour at all and my sis must have asked me like 30 times - 'do you actually need it, I mean how many bags do you have?' but that's not the point! it's new but it looks old and it's just so different from everything they normally have I think and the label inside with the quote about love? I mean how could you refuse?!
Summing up - make a move before it's too late!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cover up... in style and pocket friendly

As much as my cold still bothers me there is little (or nothing) that stops woman from shopping (commonly known). So I set off today for (what was supposed to be) a very short shopping trip. Target? boots. I know... it's getting late and any reasonable fashion/shopaholic has already 3 pairs for the coming winter but I always prefer to take time with these... Ok, I lied, I just don't know what I'm really looking for!

Anyway, I went through quite a lot (read:endless) ankle/knee/over knee -> very this season! boots in most of places around town but didn't find my dream ones. So I decided to meet up with my sis and her little one and do a bit of 'looking for nothing in Penneys'. Surprisingly enough (not really, I had to buy SOMETHING after all) I got this cool jacket at a not surprising but shocking price! (too good to mention!) It's grey and big and cosy and slouchy and it ends just above my knees and most importantly it's exactly like the one I wanted! It goes well with the sequined hat that up until now has been more of a decoration on my mirror and possibly will be good to stick these autumn flowers onto...

This is probably what I like most about winter - every single day there are very good and logical reasons to cover up - head to toes ;)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Winter Flower Hippie

Short evenings and cold weathers not only made me feel like a cup of good tea in tracksuit bottoms in front of TV but also reminded that it's about time to think of a new way to cover up the head and protect it from that Irish wind.

Following my love for the hair flowers this autumn a new interest set in-a headband. And I'm not talking a random headband. I'm talking thick, wool, cute with a flower headband! I spotted quite few around town worn really well and some other worn as badly. The question is where do I get them? If I knew the trend was coming in summer I might have just about made one myself ;) Too late for that now. I searched through piles of sequined hats, Russian furry hats, military hats... no sign of my beloved headband.

So, just to make my point, I searched the web also and this is what I'm talking about :) my personal winner: the bottom grey model by - both the headband and the way it's worn. The middle one is by Topshop and the other two as cute as they are just picked randomly on the net...

The question arises: where do I get a headband that would make heads turn around? ;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My first post

So this is what blogging is like... well, it's probably way better cause I still have no clue about all these bottons and making your blog look cool but at least I started. Hey, it's the first step that counts, right? I used to write, a lot. And I've been trying to get back for a long time. The problem was how. Apparently blogging is the easiest way to do that so after a lot of thinking I decided to give it a shot. I'm an over-organised person in general but I don't stick to things and habits. I hope this will go better than my gym memberships ;)

Ok, the end with this boredom. My first fashion related stuff will be a description of a girl I passed by on a street.... 2 days ago. A typical early morning in Dublin when the summer is over-it was pouring rain. I almost thought the global warming has its effect on the island and the days of completely soaked socks, jeans and jackets are over but then a reality hit me in a face-they are so not. I was walking back to mine after staying a night at my boy's and by the time I got to O'Connell Street I was embarassed to walk looking like this with all these people around. My cool leather Bertie runners weren't looking that cool covered in a dirt and completely soaked... Ok, the girl! The girl passed me by at the South end of O'Connell Bridge. As for a nasty day like that she looked like she was born in this raining weather!

Brown leather ankle boots on a little, not higher than 5 cm heel + torn dark skinny jeans with a lot of bleached spots + tight black top and dark leather jacket + shoulder bag hanging casually from her right shoulder, half open, a brilliant cherry shade/colour. Very obvious but so very cool with the curly hair all around the place-a breath of fresh air on that miserable morning.. The pics below are as close as I could get to reflect the look; jeans are from River Island and the ones she was wearing were more bleached; the bag is a Parisian Lamarthe, the shape is similar but the colour should be more cherry-like; jacket by River Island; shoes random.
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