Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Simply Riveroholism

Being subscribed to River Island web I always get e-mails about new trends, competitions and most importantly SALES. Week in advance. Something a completely broke shopaholic does surely not need right now.
I guess what has already happened can not be undone ;) I got e-mail about sale coming up in stores on the 20th. Yep, today is the 20th...
I seriously got into the habit of sleeping in at this stage. Dark, autumnal mornings don't help my pre-September resolutions of getting up early etc. Today was (not) surprisingly different though. The RI Sale 'somehow' managed to beat my morning laziness and get me out of bed @ 8. I got to the shop just when the rain outside eased a bit so it was possible to actually walk across town and early enough to get some stuff I am really really happy with...
Here are my fav bargain pics;

I think it's a dress but I tried it on with very tight skinny jeans and it looks perfect. It has pockets which is very cool


Front - I was watching that dress for a while but wasn't convinced to the price... I changed my mind today when the tag with sale price came up ;) it's really cute and dressy and although I hate animal trends, I always say noone looks good in them well... never say never!

I absolutely fell for that bag. Not my colour at all and my sis must have asked me like 30 times - 'do you actually need it, I mean how many bags do you have?' but that's not the point! it's new but it looks old and it's just so different from everything they normally have I think and the label inside with the quote about love? I mean how could you refuse?!
Summing up - make a move before it's too late!

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