Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The good girl's knitwear

My shopping trips are on hold at the moment but that doesn't mean that my credit card's debit isn't painfully stretched from time to time.

I went to homestore+more last weekend and was not supposed to even look at other shops. But how can you not pop in to TK Maxx when it's almost next door..

It has to be admitted that the damage was hardly done - 2 knitwears for a total of € 50! That's hardly an expenditure, isn't it?

The finds were... a very pale, kind of dirty shade of pink knitwear with very wide sleeves finishing just before an elbow. Very plain except for the bow that can be tied up at the front - makes it look really chic. I love the colour, in my opinion a great colour for dark-haired ladies. Looks a bit dull on blondes but can really bring out a dark complexion (in my case dark make up;) ).

The second find was what I immediately called a good dirl's cardi. It's what comes into your mind the moment you look at it. It could be great with some edgy, heavy jewellery and some stronger accents to break the 'good girl' look.

Hopefully Santa will also clear the debts this year ;)

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  1. Some really nice knitwear in your post.
    Thanks for the information.


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