Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spring hippie

I am not the type to do magazine reviews but I couldn't help to save some pics from the Russian Vogue, Feb 2010; photo shoot by Toma Munro, model - Magdalena Frackowiak.

Don't you just luuve the summery feeling of it? It's very hippie which I can't say suits me; I actually think it's only tall skinny blondes that should ever be allowed to try it but hey, I'd be glad to be proved wrong and be able to wear that myself. Oh and look that hot too ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm dreaming of a white... hall :)

For me home should always feel like home. What I mean by that is that as much as I like modern apartments, furnishings etc. I just can't bear a thought of a white, empty home. It just wouldn't be home!
During my search for inspiration on what could a perfect apartment look like (not that I'm decorating or anything, just a search!) I found this place. It's white but full of clutter and those beautiful colours that just make it look so 'homey'. I would turn that hall into my bedroom if that was my place ;)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cycling in style

One of the best improvements that took place in Dub recently are definitely the bikes. Placed in the main spots around town add some more European feeling to it. I'm not much of a cyclist myself but I do love the 'bike fashion' :) so I did a little research and digged out some cool, stylish bikers' pics. Who said sports can't involve fashion??

They're pretty inspiring -> I might even try and hop on myself one day soon ;)

And for those of you, who already have their stylish bike, perfect outfit and are just looking to accessorise a bit, check out those reflective and edgy socks!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Reuse, Reduce,

My not so recent love for vintage has seriously increased within the last few months. I admit that only than I realised that the 'old stuff' can be as expensive (if not more) than the new high street deals. However, the pleasure of wearing the unique piece that has been hunted after long searching simply can't be replaced.

In my various travels and trips around Ireland, Europe, Earth, I tend to look for one of those unique pieces. After my most recent post-Christmas Eastern Europe search I brought home those 2 cuties;

Ok, the pics' quality isn't great but you can see how great they are, can't you? ;) BTW, the price was too good to mention :)

So a note for those who are still a bit reserved towards second-hand shopping -> go for it! and if you're not convinced about picking it up yourself I can't advice anything better than Dub flea market where it is hard to find the one that isn't good enough :)
For details see:

I'll be probably letting some of my buties go in the Feb one so make sure you get there early ;)
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