Friday, February 12, 2010


There seems to be a new trend in stores that I just can't get my head around.... literally. What I'm talking about is the piles of hats on high street. And no, I don't mean sale winter hats. I mean new season hats. And yes, the new season is spring.
I'm a bit confused as to the purpose and style they're supposed to be used with.

Are they like a glamour holiday in a tropical country kind of purpose? Cause this Topshop hat could NOT be worn in Dublin. Could it?

Or I'm kind of thinking maybe Parisian summer... or really French coast. The striped posh marine kind of way? and a little hat with a bow around it...


But sometimes I'm just not sure. I mean straw with polka dots. Or a white hat...

(River Island)

I'm really confused here. To be honest-I'll pass on this particular (but how lovely of course :) trend this season but hats off to ladies who'll take the risk ;)

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