Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tights on a tight budget

Sitting around with my boy on the couch today I shot my question: ‘Are the ladders in the tights fashionable?’. He looked at me like I would have 3 heads… I shouldn’t really be surprised.

Where did the (it could seem - unreasonable) question come from? Well I see women with the ladders in their tights for weeks now. They seem to have invaded Dublin city so the only thing that comes into my head (as when that normally happens) is… a new trend.

Yes, I do know that all sorts of unusual tights are in. We go flowery, we go for stripes, hearts, dots… you name it. We also wear ripped tights, no news there. But what I’m talking about are real ladders. They don’t look like they were intended. Neither the location, nor the size. They’re out of place on the teenager, mid-30’s and a respectable elderly leg. Yet somehow they belong!

Shall I dig out a ripped pair of my beloved hearted tights out of the rubbish right now or am I just looking too close at Irish women’s legs at the times when even tights could be on a tight budget…?

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