Friday, June 4, 2010

Ahh... Italia

Now that I admitted to holidays some explanation is probably necessary.

I spent an amazing week by Lake Garda in Italy. Anyone who hasn't seen, heard of -> it's simply beautiful. We stayed in Salo but travelled around a bit. If you're thinking of going I recommend Salo. A bit quieter than other spots but in my opinion spectacular. Mind you, don't plan to go if you're on diet... food is so good that it's just impossible to resist. It'd be a sin anyway ;)

Enough about the beauty of Salo or I'll turn this place into a travel blog ;)

Apart from the picturesque views of the lake and little towns Italy, as you can expect, is an eye candy for any shopaholic. Italian women astonish me each time with their fabulous style. The ease and confidence with which they carry themselves must have a lot to do with it but they just never seem to get it wrong! Whatever the age (I actually noted a serious syndrome of mothers looking hotter than their daughters and I'm talking grown-up daughters), the occasion or time of the day they just look right. I'll admit - I was biting myself with jealousy :P and my boy's approving stares didn't help!

The same thing has to be said about their shops. The boutiques are more of state of art creations with each one of displays making me go: WOW.

I could talk about it for ages as I couldn't get enough of the whole stylish Italy but I'll move on to the final point.

The leather stuff is of great quality and very reasonably priced (surprise!). I did a bit of scarf, summery cardigans etc shopping and the value you get for a price certainly beats every shop in Dublin.

And most importantly... I got the VW shoes! So I'll finally shut up about them. I don't know whether it was the unusual, funky and (again) stylish boutique with it's bare walls, crazy accessories and photographic umbrellas used for lighting (brilliant) but the shoes turned out to be comfy, the crazy pink I thought I'd never like looked just right and with the price (displayed on a tomato in the window) of € 50 (!!!) they came home with me to Dublin.

So I'm back

I can't believe that I never posted anything before my holidays, does that mean I'm getting disorganised?!

Nah... impossible….

Anyway, a quick pre holiday subject – shoes.

My boy decided to treat me before we went away and got me a pair of heels. Ok, I did pick them but that’s not the point. He surprises me sometimes like that – I know, a real gem ;) First he wanted me to get the Vivienne Westwoods that I just couldn’t shut up about (hmm maybe he just wanted a bit of peace…) but after trying them on I just couldn’t make my mind up. They were neither comfy nor suited me. The fact that BT2 had my size in only 1 colour didn’t help and neither did the price tag with nearly € 150 mark (lets not stretch his generosity). So at the end I ended up with these….

And I luuuuuuve them. I generally like the caged shoes this season and the gasp effect they have on people sometimes ;)

I also found out that Faith in Debenhams is closing down (dunno what’s the story :( ) so I couldn’t let them go without the last goodBUY....

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