Friday, June 4, 2010

So I'm back

I can't believe that I never posted anything before my holidays, does that mean I'm getting disorganised?!

Nah... impossible….

Anyway, a quick pre holiday subject – shoes.

My boy decided to treat me before we went away and got me a pair of heels. Ok, I did pick them but that’s not the point. He surprises me sometimes like that – I know, a real gem ;) First he wanted me to get the Vivienne Westwoods that I just couldn’t shut up about (hmm maybe he just wanted a bit of peace…) but after trying them on I just couldn’t make my mind up. They were neither comfy nor suited me. The fact that BT2 had my size in only 1 colour didn’t help and neither did the price tag with nearly € 150 mark (lets not stretch his generosity). So at the end I ended up with these….

And I luuuuuuve them. I generally like the caged shoes this season and the gasp effect they have on people sometimes ;)

I also found out that Faith in Debenhams is closing down (dunno what’s the story :( ) so I couldn’t let them go without the last goodBUY....

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