Saturday, July 31, 2010

I do...

As I have touched on the subject of weddings it would be a sin not to continue. I might have a 'panicy' few days over the lack of an inspiration for my hair but at least I'm not the one to do 'the talking'! Don't get me wrong, I love the 'idea' of marriage and I'm not one of those people who say they don't believe in it - I totally do. That doesn't change the fact that I'm rather terrified by prospect of doing it myself... Not only am I not big into white colour (I stick to black for reason), family members being all together, speeches, too much attention and all that fuss but also the commitment it involves just seem to be getting bigger and bigger with every year.... And as the years go by I see my friends getting into the white dresses with big smiles on their faces and not a (visible) doubt, I'm beginning to wonder if I'll too, one day, magically get over the fear of forever after...

Anyway, for all the lovely (brave) ladies who are planning on taking that big step I recommend this month's Stellar which is packed with advices and everything bridal.

Looking at some of their lovely dresses styled in such summery, cool ways made me think I may not be convinced to marriage at the moment but I would certainly like one of these cuties (maybe in beige?)

And as per the real thing; there's nothing like Vera Wang huh? I SO do (love the dress) ;)

Easy hairdo? Help!

As it's coming very close to my cousin's wedding I'm starting to get a bit tense. As per everyone's advice I've decided not to book a hairdresser (what the hell was I thinking). So now, when it's too late to do the wise thing (book the hairdresser) I'm beginning to wonder (read: panic)... What am I gonna do to my lovely hair? I thought before, that a straight 'do' will do but as the weather back home is not getting any better (38 Celsius is not gonna help my hair stay straight all night) I start considering different (more weather friendly) options. And it's not looking good. I want something messy but also elegant, something that expresses myself and looks like it took minutes even though it could have taken hours! something romantic and different and hell how can I do it myself?! I thought my extensions will rescue me but I don't really know what to do with them too so any help will be soooo appreciated! Any ideas ladies?

And just to try and stay positive, these are a few 'braidy' dos that I'm crazy about (but can't do myself)

Is it weird that being a brunette I like the blond hairstyles?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bow girl

I don't know where did the influence of my latest fashion obsession come from but looking through my latest (sale) purchases I seem to have developed a thing for bows.

We (me and the bows) have had a long and difficult relationship over the years. They sometimes become my absolute obsession and during those times you wouldn't pass me by without noticing it (be it in my hair, on the handbag, clipped to the jacket or simply covering the whole outfit -> bow supersize). Very often, after a while of this sort of domination I would suddenly end our relationship with an absolute hatred and swear never to go back to them again. Pictures reminding me of the painful times and evidence of some 'overly bowy' outfits are usually ripped at that stage, tears flowing ;)

But like any other girl I easily fall for pretty things again. And so, after all the bad feelings are forgotten and all I can remember are our (me and my bows') good times, the happiness, the flowers (on them), we eventually get back together.

I didn't see it coming this time. Not when I was leaving home with 3 of them stuck on my head, not even when they become part of my jewellery again. Only going through my dresses the other day has made me realise....

We are back together.

I'll keep you posted whether this time will be the 'happily ever after' ;)

Ms Lily

I've been positively surprised by one particular feature in July's Glamour. It's the only magazine that I buy but never actually read. Sounds crazy? I'm sure we all know what I'm talking about. I love to buy and flick through fashion magazines but there're few of them that although I buy and have a good look at, I just can't bring myself to actually read. And sorry, I won't take the blame. There's just nothing to read in them! I'm not sure whether it's the style of writing (or rather the lack of it) or the continuous repetitiveness of the subjects that they talk about; dunno. I just know that the only things I actually look at are the pics. Still, I could probably win some sort of award for one of their best readers (considering the amount of money they must have made on me).

Late as it is I just want to express my delight with the feature in the above mentioned mag (too much advertisement is never good). I'm talking about their Women of the Year Awards. Lily Allen's shoot has been by far one of the best ones I've seen in a long time. It looks like someone has really thought about its style, considering the person in the picture too (which doesn't happen too often now) and created something that's just so good to look at! I'd hate to see a photoshoped platic looking Lily as she's just so not like that. So instead, tasteful and stylish shoot.

What can I say, I'll just have to keep on buying the mag ;)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Confidence = Good Looks = Fashion?

I'm not sure where to start on the subject. I don't wanna make it boring or too philosophical sounding (I tend to). Hmmm I'll just have to give it a go.

Feeling down and stressed by having too much in my head (my usual problem: wants to do everything, wastes time for nothing, does little) I was sat on the couch by my boy and asked to write down everything I want (to do of course, otherwise the list would be never ending). So in seconds I had a paper full of stuff. After debating, weighting the pros and cons of all the stuff, decision time came and I stuck to painting as the thing to focus on during my free time. Nope, I can't paint but I never stop trying and I'm always disappointed by the final effect and you can kind of see why it's a problem in general.

So feeling all good about leaving all the other stuff behind and trying not to think about the million other things I should/want to do, I hit the shops with my sis to help her pick an outfit for girly night out in town. This was her first time since baby so you can imagine how big that was. (Not) surprisingly I got something for myself too. BTW my sis of course looked fantastic but that's no news.
Back to my purchase it must have been telepathically influenced by the whole painting thing as the dress looked like someone has done some painting in it! covered in colourful splashes of paint and accessorised with sparkly black thick belt. Nice.

I thought as this is a big night for my big sis we might as well go a bit over the top and I bought biggg fake lashes for both of us. They looked awesome ;) and to top that up and forgetting about the 'just a bit over the top' I went mad and got some hair extensions too. Added glowing summer make-up, hi heels and hit the town.

This is where I really only should have started the subject ;)
I didn't think I looked amazing (I never really do). I wasn't looking at myself going: 'wow I'm hot'- far from it! As always, having a last look at myself in a mirror before leaving all I could see were my imperfections.
But somehow, I was feeling good. Whether it was the half fake me that has never happened before or just having my sis out again, I don't know- I was feeling good. And feeling good gave me confidence I normally lack. And that (seem to be) little change has made so much difference. I know people always say it, that it's all about the confidence etc but to really experience it is a whole different thing.
I got more compliments that night than I ever did in my life before. I heard that I'm stylish, beautiful and all those things (a Bond Girl being the coolest one;) ) hundreds of times. My boy was more than amazed by my look although I personally think that there were times when I looked so much better! But I know that how I felt was completely different from the usual stressed, obsessed feeling of all my insecurities.

To sum up; does it mean that all this time I've been wasting trying to look good, I should have just thrown some fake lashes, tan and hair on and just have a good time ? !

'I got a pocketfull of dreams'

As usually it's been a while. But hey, I'm always back ;)

So what's new... not much. I've been tired, felt overworked, overstressed and also positively overly busy.

So what does a girl do to calm down and finally get a proper seat in front of a laptop and have few minutes to type? I wish I knew and could tell you what the right thing to do is, I have no clue! but I can tell you what I did.

I had a bath for starters. Radox Muscle Soak ladies, I mean I know, not fancy at all but it does what you need it to do (both to body & mind). Ok so I did buy it for my boy (trying to be all goody goody) but he never even tried using it! and it turns out to be perfect for me.
Now while you're in a bath things like inflated pillow, magazine and some good music is a neccessity. Candles as a side dish if you wish ;)

And as we're at music, I wouldn't normally touch the subject as I do admit that I know nada about that whole business (ok so I know who Cobain was and that Mrs Beckham used to be Posh but for example Jedward? hello? are we still talking music or wha?) BUT I'm absolutely in looove with two songs right now and have to mention them!

First of all Jessie Grace -> Science Tree. Never heard? I doubt it. Unless you're stuck on a desert island (how the hell did u get broadband there...) you've seen the latest Riverrock ad. Fat man in ballerina dress. Yep. Trust me though, the song is brilliant. Summer, guitar & uber cool. Full stop.

And the second choice, so so obvious. Alicia Keys. I've never been to NY (yes, I know, embarrassment) but I feel like I belong already ;)

'Concrete jungle where dreams are made of..'

As for the bath, loads of lovely smelling shampoo & lotions will finish you off and get ready for some fashion blogging again ;)

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