Saturday, July 31, 2010

Easy hairdo? Help!

As it's coming very close to my cousin's wedding I'm starting to get a bit tense. As per everyone's advice I've decided not to book a hairdresser (what the hell was I thinking). So now, when it's too late to do the wise thing (book the hairdresser) I'm beginning to wonder (read: panic)... What am I gonna do to my lovely hair? I thought before, that a straight 'do' will do but as the weather back home is not getting any better (38 Celsius is not gonna help my hair stay straight all night) I start considering different (more weather friendly) options. And it's not looking good. I want something messy but also elegant, something that expresses myself and looks like it took minutes even though it could have taken hours! something romantic and different and hell how can I do it myself?! I thought my extensions will rescue me but I don't really know what to do with them too so any help will be soooo appreciated! Any ideas ladies?

And just to try and stay positive, these are a few 'braidy' dos that I'm crazy about (but can't do myself)

Is it weird that being a brunette I like the blond hairstyles?


  1. Anonymous2/8/10

    I love braids and plaits - the first pic is fab.
    Quite sad tho' cuz I'm a little bit crap at doing them myself, I always get my friends to do it (the ones who horse rode as kids are the best plaiters ever!!! ha, from years of plaiting horses hair for shows)

  2. Now I wish my friends were horse riding!


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