Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Autumnal Boho (budget version ;)

After getting few quids in at the Dublin Flea Market last Sunday (great market BTW, make sure you keep up with them, it's getting bigger and better by the month) I went for a little shopping spree. As I couldn't really spend much (debts) my obvious choice was Penneys. I haven't been in, in a while, so it was actually a good choice for the first shopping towards warmer wardrobe. Everything was new and even the place itself has been changed so it felt a bit exciting even though, after all, it was Penneys ;)

The last market has made me realise one thing as well; I buy way too many things at high street that are not that great, sometimes overpriced and hardly go with anything in my wardrobe. What's the end result? I have nothing to wear cause every piece of my wardrobe is like from a different fairy tale, I keep on sticking to boring basics, simple shapes and basic colours and I end up with loads of clothes I can't wear but I feel bad about throwing out so I just keep them and keep them and keep them... and still not wear them.

So I've decided that this time I'll start off buying something that I know I can actually wear with something I already own (a very particular thing, not a vague 'top' or 'skirt' choice) or buy only things that can actually be worn together.

As my boy rang me way before I was done with my shopping and we decided to meet up, I had to rush at the end and that's never good ;) but that's what I ended up with;

 That's the outfit; the floaty top/tunic, thick, knitted, big cardigan, necklace with cage pendant, dark purple (extremely warm) scarf. That's supposed to go with thick leggings, boots and possibly knee socks worn creased and sticking out a bit from the boots. Tag: comfort. Price: not exceeding € 35.

These are just.. a pic of the top itself with a necklace which I got at the market (50p) and a ring that I got to go with the outfit too.

Last but not least I totally forgot to mention that I finally got the satchel bag, the one from Urban Outfitters (well, really I didn't get it, my boy got it for me for my bday :) and that's the bag with a little animal printed neckerchief from the market (€1!).

Friday, September 24, 2010

Exciting stuff :)

Sitting at home with no one else but my cold on Friday night when Dublin Culture Night is pretty much knocking at my door, or rather windows, with endless sounds of drums, music & fun is a rather depressing state to be. However, I can not get over the cosy feeling. It's cold outside and I'm beginning to look forward to an evening cup of tea wrapped up in comfy clothes. I can just feel it, winter is definitely coming.

So what's better to do on an evening like that than a bit of internet browsing... Nothing at all, that's right. And so, I've spent most of my evening glued to the laptop searching through all things pretty and watching out for the fashionable news.

And if you look, you will find it... ;)

How happy I am to discover that Awear is launching a line of footwear! Isn't that just great? The more choice the better...

Looks promising to me.

Because she's Irish..

Orla Kiely is by far my favourite Irish designer at the moment. Ok, so maybe I'm not the most knowledgeable person on the subject (I can admit my weaknesses, it's not like anyone reads this stuff anyway :) but I am a more than a regular reader of the Irish Tatler, Stellar (the Irish one of course), Irish fashion blogs, the Gloss Magazine (The Irish Times) and couple of other things (I don't have to admit to all my addictions) which means that I do stumble across a lot of names. And pictures of course. And so far, well, she's the lady whose name got stuck in my head straight away and seem to follow me around. And it's not because the name is easy BTW. Her patterns are unmistakable, unique and genius and although I wish the handbags could be a bit more funky and for a younger audience (I wanted to get one but everyone who has one seem to be married and/or have kids so I still hesitate) I can't stop admiring the woman. And so, for anyone else who thinks she's more than good or anyone who doesn't know her and would like to find out I recommend the recently published "Pattern. Orla Kiely" book which is not only full of info about her life and pretty pictures of various patterns but also (not surprisingly) looks good on a shelf.

Thanks to my boy I already have my own copy...


As I already touched on the subject of Barcelona I might as well continue. No worries, it won't be long ;)

As much style, chick and elegance emanates from Italian ladies (which I couldn't shut up about for ages after my last holiday), so much casual, effortless feeling emanates  from the Spanish women. Jeans seem to be a perfectly acceptable outfit for both shopping, dinner & out partying. The harem trousers, shorts, etc etc seem to be everywhere around, in every possible colour, shape and style. And I loved it! The laid back look with loose tops, very low and worn hanging-down jeans combined with tan, dark hair and sunglasses is simple and stunning.

As I seriously lacked the tan, my hair are in a need of a cut and my clothes were an odd mix of summery and autumnal wardrobe, I had to bring something that those fabulous ladies seemed to wear so well. And so, below are my 2 lovely buys. The tunic kind of top which can be worn as a dress or with leggings, I really really like, quite flattering actually. And a maxi dress. I haven't worn a maxi in ages (literally). I know last summer was all about maxis but I just don't go with the 'florals' down to my ankles - no way. But as a trend seem to continue on for a bit longer and the shades of the dresses have gone darker and definitely more me, I decided to give it a go.

BTW necklaces are there cause they kinda live on my dummy ;) so it's not part of any styling, I can do better than that ;)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Vicky, Christina... yep - Barcelona!

One of my favourite things about being back at work is the fact that I can again start to go to places and plan! And this plan has been made a while ago. Possibly just after I got back to work ;)


I've never been before and all I can say is that 4 days is definitely not enough... although it does give me a chance to plan more in the future and I quite like the idea ;)

Few of the shops/boutiques I liked.

Ahh... beautiful place full of beautiful people and things.

'Grocery' shopping

I went straight to Dunnes after work today to pick up some food for dinner. As I was going to have dinner on my own anyway, I thought I can take some extra time for shopping (little fasting never did anyone any harm ;). As usually I started off the ground floor which 'happens' to be the floor with clothing. Now, I wouldn't consider Dunnes a go-to fashion spot and I'm forever now on a 'no shopping, paying off debts' level, so I thought a little cruise around racks with clothes I don't like would do me good before I'll start worrying about food and the fact that I can't cook.

As any other story goes I ended up finding something I liked... I know we're into winter now (BTW I do realise SS 11 is out but c'mon we're not even in the winter coats yet. I refuse to blog about NEXT summer's styles until we're done with the winter FIRST) and the last thing I should be looking at are dresses... but isn't 'she' cute?! ;)

I'm sure I'll find a way of wearing it even in winter ;) and it was reduced so I pretty much made money on it ;)

Now, I do realise that it's autumn and rainy (the noise behind my window won't let me forget about it) so I also got a pair of brogues which seem to be the only thing now that keeps me (kind of) dry during my loooong walks to the bus stop. And just to try out the socks under the knee trend thing, I also got some high socks but so far no clue what to do with them... any suggestions on how to wear them?

It was certianly one of the better grocery shoppings I've done recently ;)

Monday, September 13, 2010

The carpet bag

Coming back late from work today I was surprised to see River Island was still open. Quickly weighting up pros and cons of coming in (pros: finally see their new season stuff, resisted it for way too long! cons: as there's no money available even on my cc no option of spending but heart broken over the want-very possible). But as the weather was getting worse I used the excuse to stay out of rain and walked in.

Neatly organised A/W staples were staring down at me: the red dress, the animal print fur, the big knitted jumpers, the leopard print bag... you name it. I didn't feel the usual excitement though (possibly cause I knew there's no way I can buy anything) and I was nearly proudly walking around the racks thinking 'this isn't too bad, I can look and not have it' when I saw one of them. The weirdest of my recent 'likes' I have an eye on them for some time... usually lusting over some oldies at the markets this one was no oldie but it certainly was... a carpet bag.

How to explain logically what a carpet bag is - I dunno. The name was created by my boy and it just stuck. I also blame him for developing this liking in me as he first pointed one out to me. He also found one that I recently got at the Dub flea market but it's still not the oversized type I'm just liking too much...

(that's the little find, sorry for such poor quality pic, my sis has my camera)

So on my way home I was already creating plan in my head how could I possibly get some money for shopping. As we just booked holiday for Nov and I owe my boy loads, shopping seems like a 'possibly new year pleasure'. Not that holiday in Thailand and Cambodia sound bad for November... The only option left in my head was reducing the amount of food I buy. Which would definitely benefit my body shape for the hols too! and as my boy is already looking after my health (manuka honey anyone?) skipping few dinners could do me just good ;)

On a more serious side: what about the bags, are they at all useful in the Irish rains? I mean you wouldn't carry your carpet around in the rain, would you?



Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Red Head # 1

So as a rule I don't blog about people I know and people from work (especially customers). But, as my job involves dealing with loaaads of people every day I must bend the rules a little bit. Anyway, they're all made to be broken, aren't they?
I mean my workplace is like a runway sometimes. Ladies totter in wearing fantastic shoes which I then find out they got in Aldo or some amazing jackets that unfortunately turn out to be from States (that always nearly makes me cry).
I've made a decision so; it's an absolute sin not to blog about their brilliant or disastrous fashion moments and so, from now on, I'll bring the subject up from time to time.

My starting point has to be The Red Head. One of our favourite customers (in fashion terms; BTW I work with ladies only) we love to see what's her new outfit for the day.
The Red Head is the lucky one, working in beauty industry she's already off to a good start - perfectly cropped hair style in amazingly always perfect red with immaculate skin and always incredible nails; it's hard not to notice her. The Red Head is a rather short type so you usually hear her coming in - the Louboutins are hard not to be heard. This week though she went flat. Appeared in loosely laced up canvas boots, socks sticking out over them, a dark beige/brownish leather high-waisted shorts, beige top and oversized camel coloured vest she looked like she's easily stepping into AW 2010 colours although summer was still all around us. Great selection of pieces that can be easily worn into autumn and pulled off without heels (at this height) -> I was well impressed.

We're looking forward to your new fashion adventures! :)

For shoe lovers on the budget

Just a quick note for the above; if you're looking for a pair of shoes but you're on tight budget you might want to check out Shoe Rack (Exchequer Str, not sure about the other ones) which is having a late summer sale. A lot of really really cheap heels, sandals and flats.

I picked these (not that I need them or anything) but c'mon... at 10 a pair, how can you not? :)

Not too bad for the price huh?


After flicking through endless pages of fashion magazines, reading through huge amounts of blogs and articles, all talking about AW 2010, I finally found a look that (so far) has been my favourite;

This look as per The Gloss Magazine, Sept 2010 seem to cover everything that I adore about this season's collections:
  • A perfect camel coat (Jaeger) tick
  • A perfect pair of trousers (Pringle of Scotland) tick
  • Bow-front blouse (Jason Wu) tick
  • Trench (Tommy Hilfiger Icon Collection) tick
  • A perfect bag (Dior) tick
  • Leopard print shoes (Emporio Armani) tick
I can not express in simple words how much I like this look.
Now, if I only had a wallet that could cover for that sort of damage.... ;)
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