Friday, September 24, 2010

Exciting stuff :)

Sitting at home with no one else but my cold on Friday night when Dublin Culture Night is pretty much knocking at my door, or rather windows, with endless sounds of drums, music & fun is a rather depressing state to be. However, I can not get over the cosy feeling. It's cold outside and I'm beginning to look forward to an evening cup of tea wrapped up in comfy clothes. I can just feel it, winter is definitely coming.

So what's better to do on an evening like that than a bit of internet browsing... Nothing at all, that's right. And so, I've spent most of my evening glued to the laptop searching through all things pretty and watching out for the fashionable news.

And if you look, you will find it... ;)

How happy I am to discover that Awear is launching a line of footwear! Isn't that just great? The more choice the better...

Looks promising to me.

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