Friday, October 29, 2010

Material girl

It turned out recently that me and my boy have a very different approach to the issue of giving presents. As many girls, I turn into a 5 year old on Christmas Day the moment I see a gift wrapped package coming towards me. Better even if it's found somewhere unexpectedly-that's like Christmas and Santa's Day together! Oh, on that, that's another reason for disagreement, my home country celebrates things like Santa's day and women's day and boyfriend's day and a name day...and although I treat Dublin as my home and people laugh at my 'Irishness' sometimes, I like to cherish some of the traditions I was brought up with (especially if they involve presents ;D ). I mean what better way to show interest or care than a thoughtful gift? (ok so there are some but that's not what we're talking about now).

And I think there's nothing wrong with it, hey after all...

'We are living in a material world
And I am a material girl' ;)

So, I've made a little wishlist just to prove how bad I can be ;)

Vintage Blouses Wishlist
all from

Look of the day

On my day off I planned to do nothing. I wanted it to be a properly relaxing day, full of lazy reading and just enjoyable stuff. As it usually happens, I spent most of my day running around, got cold and soaking wet good few times and it was 3 o'clock by the time I finally entered Insomnia on Nassau Str to get my daily fix (way way wayyy too late for me).

I was delighted to see the place half empty after the lunch rush hour and took my time, chatting away and generally not rushing for a table. By the time I had my coffee and was ready to sit down the only available spot was on a stool by the window. Fortunately, it turned out to be warm and cosy spot and oh how lovely it was to watch the rainy day go by behind the window. There was one thing, or rather one person, who kept distracting me though. A girl sitting right across from me. Looking fabulously casual. Surely a student (the worn backpack gave it away) was totally unaware of the staring creature (myself) across from her. But I couldn't help it.

So, what did she wear? A set of clothes you would never ever see me wearing. Red runners which had no label and I couldn't quite figure out what they were, grey thick opaque tights, knee length skirt with a crazy print that reminded me of the old fashion Russian prints (mostly grey & purple colours), white short but quite baggy jumper and a grey snood. The only accessory was a big, thick, silver bracelet. I think an image of that look is forever stuck in my head now. So unexpected but just so perfect on her.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top, Cardi and the Shop

My saving regime to make it to the holiday seem to be going out of a window every time I pass Topshop recently.

Below are my 2 recent buys. But I like them so it's not too bad ;) it's worse when I get home and go: what the hell was I thinking...

The top has quite a colour but I actually like it; will make a bit of a difference in my (black) wardrobe. I like the way you can dress it up and down, things like that seem to be short in supply in my wardrobe. It looks great with tight skirt over it, also good with jeans and cool with skinnies and boots. I predict it will live happily ever after and hopefully we'll have a lot of happy outings together ;)

I totally fell for the cardi, especially that it's grey which according to my boy suits me quite well (if it doesn't he's in trouble ;) It's comfy and generally totally what I needed. 

The farewell

Sunday was a day of my friend's leaving party. It's so sad to see so many people go within the last year... I don't even want to start on the subject. The economic situation in Dublin has not only made it hard to keep the job but also friends.

We were 'celebrating' K's move to Holland in Porterhouse. A kind of place I normally avoid for a very simple reason; I don't 'get on' with the beer. Seriously. So what a 'surprise' when Monday morning (getting up to work) was just horrendous and oh so painful.

Anyway, I gave my Mango shorts a go. I didn't want to be too casual but it was just drinks too so I wasn't going dressy. As I was after work and pretty much before work, heels were out of question, I needed the flat comfort. Normally I would just go for something black at the top but didn't want to look completely dull so I wore that top that I never wear ;) so me. And more than that, I paired it with a black bra. I should have said that the top was beige(y) colour. And transparent. Not my style at all to combine things like that but because the shorts are high-waisted they seem to cover everything and the top was very safe around the neck and sleeves as well so I just thought I might as well have a tiny bit of fun ;)

I really like the detail at the back of this top which you can (nearly) see there :)

Coming back to my friend, as always, she turned out to be an absolute sweetie and although it was her party, gave me a necklace which I really liked on her.

You will be very missed my friend but I hope that your new home will make you happy.

Once upon a time...

Friday, October 22, 2010

“The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!” CC

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but apart from the fact that I'm a shopaholic and generally crazy about fashion, I'm also a bookworm. It must sound like an odd combination but there are times in my life when I just can't live without reading. Any minute spent doing anything else than reading seems like a minute wasted..

Back on the fashion subject. All sorts of fashion books are obviously of my interest and I sometimes spend ages in Chapters lusting over some new beautiful publications filled with amazing photographs or fashion illustrations. I was delighted to see the new Coco Chanel book published, filled with incredible pics and highly recommended by everyone. I was putting the purchase off until the end of the year though (Christmas in mind). Early this week however, I found out that Dubray Books are having an evening talk and book signing again and this time it was Justine Picardie herself (the author) and so I felt like I was given no choice...

After a horrendous day (let's not get into details, all I can say is I have no passport 2 weeks before my holidays and freaking out) I made my way to the bookshop and made it just at the beginning of Justine's talk. The whole thing was very intimate and it wasn't too crowded, with glasses of champagne and lovely talk given by the author. I must admit that queuing up for the signature was a challenge for me (I got my vaccinations that afternoon so the room was spinning and I felt anything but well) but I made it! :) and I am so glad that I did. Justine Picardie seems like a lovely and very stylish lady. She complimented on my look which was quite a shock given that I've been up since 5 am and surrounded by ladies dressed up in Chanel (looking) outfits.

So this is a pic of her, sorry, it's just a phone pic.

And these are the book and the shopping bag which came as a freebie on the evening, decorated with Karl Lagerfeld's drawing of Chanel.

Overall a very nice and fulfilling experience. Book looks great and I hope it will be as enjoyable.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love the look

Of this amazing looking lady. I'm especially crazy about the blouse which is from Zara BTW.

That reminds me of something (I've no idea why).

Unfortunately I don't blog as much as I'd like. There's just never enough time on my hands and it's been just terrible recently cause there's so much stuff floating through my head to blog about, my phone filled with silly scribblings to remember (which are always forgotten) and I just never seem to end up writing about anything that I want. My free time has also been significantly reduced within the last few weeks since I started my work experience. So how do I explain this...

Ok so I do work. Full time. Which means like at least 40h a week. And no, I'm not bored, I do have enough to do to fill my days. I also work way too far from home which I means I waste alllll this time commuting. But as I've always, always loved fashion so much and never did anything about it I decided to do something, ANYTHING, just to try. And so the idea was born.

I think in some weird way my sis had something to do with it too. So my work, the real work, full time work, well it involves food. What I mean is that I'm surrounded by nice looking food (I'm still not telling where I work!). And one day my dear sis has said to me: "How can you spend all this time here and not feel like eating it all". And it was just obvious for me that if I spend so much time around all that food, it just puts me off more than looks tempting. I forgot about the whole thing but weeks and weeks later when I was contemplating what to do about the whole fashion thing I had a 'light bulb moment'. And what did I come up with? that if I spend all this time around tasty food and it's not tempting at all maybe if I spend more time around clothes I wouldn't be so much into it... and my shopaholic problems would be solved!

Ladies, one bit of advice: if you're into clothes and your cc limit has been reached - don't go near them. Working on the fashion floor? bad, bad, BAD idea... has me dreaming about them all day long now...

Beauty by Elle Magazine

I know it's supposed to be a fashion blog but hey beauty, fashion... it's all girly and important ;)

I had a pleasure of attending Elle Beauty Event in Harvey Nichols last week organised to celebrate the magazine's 25th birthday (OMG I'm nearly as old - how depressing). Now, anyone who knows me knows that as much into fashion I am, most of the time (in and out of work especially) I'm looking simply crazy. Unfortunately getting up at 5 in the morning is not appealing to me at all and so I leave house with the weirdest things on me sometimes... So, you can imagine, as beauty is not that much of my obsession it gets even worse. All I can say is that I usually dye my hair after girls at work or my dearest friend O, who is never too gentle with her words when it comes to telling me how bad I look, asks how many months ago was it that I got my hair done...
I'm also not the biggest Elle lover. I generally like the fact of something in some way relating to me and that also applies to magazines. UK feels like another world (which I don't have too much interest in although I do like travel) to me and reading about all those things that have no relevance to my everyday life just kinda puts me off (the fact that my boy is a bit of a crazy in love with Ireland boy doesn't help ;) ). That's mostly why I'm such a dedicated reader of Stellar and Irish Tatler magazines. And ok, I can understand why someone thinks Elle is better, it's surely more of a high-end fashion read but I do like the idea of Dubliners supporting the Irish writers... which are brilliant!

So anyway, back to the event. It was loads of fun, my friend Mon got all pampered when she volunteered to get a free facial (why the heck did I not?!) and we drank few (too many) of delicious Cosmos and generally had a laugh. Getting to try some new and not so new but different cosmetic brands was great and getting some advice about make-up even better.

We left the party with big smiles on our faces, lovely goodie bags filled with some great products, couple of euros less in our pockets but some lovely, pretty purchases too. All in all a night to remember.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dear Edie...

I am so sorry to have left you until the end of my 'nuts about'. I can't believe I have actually done that, I mean my admiration for your style and look has not really been that recent at all. We're not gonna put a date on it but you, Ms Sedgwick are at the top of my (favourite stylish ladies) list and I predict that won't change any time soon. Ok, so maybe Sienna Miller pretending to be you is as high up but that doesn't really matter, does it?



And what would I have to do in one of your movies? ’
‘ Just be yourself ’
‘ Well, which one? ’

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recently nuts about

1. Bananas
2. Hummus
3. High-waisted shorts
4. The new harem trousers
5. Edie Sedgwick

No need to elaborate on the first 2 I guess. Since I'm trying to be healthier, reduce the amount of sweets & snacks intake and loose weight I've gone crazy for these 2 which are far healthier. Yes, they still aren't the best option (compared to watermelon for example which = water) but they fill you in and they can get you through the day without craving for all the unhealthy (yummy) stuff.

As per point 3. I've had a thing for them for months but as you might have realised dear reader, it always takes me a while to go for new trends. That's one of those things I've learned the hard way. Jumping into trends that turned out neither to suit me nor last beyond week 1 doesn't sound unfamiliar at all. It takes research, loads more research and some more research for me now to make up my mind about a new trend these days.

Long story short(s); got these in Mango, lovely colour which is a bit of a personal improvement on black, they also make your legs look longer which is always great. I'm generally cautious about high-waisted choices due to my figure which is worst in that terrible area below a waist line. A little tip for those who suffer from the same problem: make sure you get the right size (not necessarily your size but the right size), looking at my shorts - the belt should be right where your waist is (in my case - where it should be) and when you tie it up to create a bow, the top and bottom around the belt shouldn't be too tight. The whole point is that the shorts are a little baggy and when the belt is tied up at the waist line, it is the most accentuated part and you look best. It should not be too high and definitely not too low which will make it look worst.

The new harem pants are my recent obsession. The summery harem pants have been my best friends for few years now. I'm delighted to see that this trend has extended on to winter season as well. I got these in Topshop today (during my relaxing day off which obviously ended up to be a shopping day) and I'm crazy about them. Again, they're high waisted and it's a tight waist as well so they can be tricky to wear but so far I just admire them :)) will worry about wearing them some other time ;) BTW the jumper is just a thing I wear at home, it's not an outfit ;)

You may have noticed that I'm trying to do a bit of personal shoots which is due to one of my new followers... There are few reasons I didn't do them before and as you may have noticed my head is actually missing from all of them... I haven't really made up my mind about them yet ;)
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