Sunday, November 7, 2010

Before I go away...

and disappear for about 3 weeks this Tuesday (after hardly being around for the last week anyway-so sorry!) just a quick post... to show you some of my recent favourite buys.

First of all, the shirt. I certainly have a thing for transparent tops recently and I've been looking for some odd shirt that could add to my already weird collection ;) I was soooo happy to find exactly what I was looking for in River Island! totally unexpected. It's black with a weird print that appears to come across as something different for everyone. It's biiiig and I like it either tucked into something and baggy or out over something with a wide waist belt. Last but not least, you wouldn't believe the price... it was €3!!! ok.. so it wasn't REALLY €3... as my boy helpfully pointed out. I know I know, returning something and getting the return's price taken off your new purchase doesn't mean it cost €3 but that was all I had to take out of my wallet so that's exactly how it feels ;)

My other buy that I really enjoy right now is a pair of camel shorts. They're just Primark but really comfy and easy to pair with things.

Ok, I better start packing up... I need to catch up with all my magazines as well but surely will have plenty of time on a plane ;)

Ohh before I forget; in case you haven't heard, Glamour this month comes with Nails Inc nail polish in 4 (or 5?) brilliant shades so snap up before they're all gone.

Ciao for now and talk to you in 3 weeks... when I'll be hopefully a bit more tanned and full of stories ;)
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