Sunday, November 7, 2010

Before I go away...

and disappear for about 3 weeks this Tuesday (after hardly being around for the last week anyway-so sorry!) just a quick post... to show you some of my recent favourite buys.

First of all, the shirt. I certainly have a thing for transparent tops recently and I've been looking for some odd shirt that could add to my already weird collection ;) I was soooo happy to find exactly what I was looking for in River Island! totally unexpected. It's black with a weird print that appears to come across as something different for everyone. It's biiiig and I like it either tucked into something and baggy or out over something with a wide waist belt. Last but not least, you wouldn't believe the price... it was €3!!! ok.. so it wasn't REALLY €3... as my boy helpfully pointed out. I know I know, returning something and getting the return's price taken off your new purchase doesn't mean it cost €3 but that was all I had to take out of my wallet so that's exactly how it feels ;)

My other buy that I really enjoy right now is a pair of camel shorts. They're just Primark but really comfy and easy to pair with things.

Ok, I better start packing up... I need to catch up with all my magazines as well but surely will have plenty of time on a plane ;)

Ohh before I forget; in case you haven't heard, Glamour this month comes with Nails Inc nail polish in 4 (or 5?) brilliant shades so snap up before they're all gone.

Ciao for now and talk to you in 3 weeks... when I'll be hopefully a bit more tanned and full of stories ;)


  1. Piekne szorty!!! Zakochalam sie w nich <3
    I strasznie mi sie podoba ta koszula z RI.... Masz dar do wynajdywania takich perelek.

  2. A wlasnie.... zastanawialam sie jaki kolor lakiery wybralas? :>
    Udanego wyjazdu. Bawcie sie dobrze! :)

  3. Nails Inc. Jermyn Street -> looove it ;)
    Dzieki ;*

  4. Love the shorts, got a pair like them myself in H&M. enjoy your time away!

  5. LOve the new buys!

    have a ball in the sun x

  6. Anonymous27/11/10

    must get those shorts! x

  7. Anonymous27/11/10

    Those shirts are perfect! I returned a pair just like them to H&M a few weeks ago because they didn't fit as loosely as they should have... I wanted them to fit like yours do but they were cut a little too narrow. And that shirt is amazing!

  8. Great outfit! Love that top pictured in the middle photo

    Come by and enter my giveaway for some beautiful jewelry if you like:

  9. Ooh Glamour Mag - I bought it just for the nail polish. I got Jermyn St too - love it!

    Come enter the Licentiate giveaway!

  10. ojj duża duża impreza to była, ale poza tymi wszystkimi stoiskami i jednym pokazem nic ciekawego się nie działo.:P ( a ta torebka to 320euro kosztowała. xd)

    zachwyciłam się Twoimi spodenkami. ohy i ahy dla nich. :)

    udanego wyjazdu. :) (P.S. gdzie to się wybierasz.? jeśli można wiedzieć.:))


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