Thursday, December 30, 2010

Inspiring beauty

It is very rare for me to be inspired by models. Obviously, I envy their clothes and their looks but my liking doesn't usually go beyond that. I'm not ashamed to admit that I hardly ever remember their names.... why would I really? In times when models turn into IT girls (nothing I can do about that, I'll just lust over her wardrobe even more) I still feel like there should be more to a person than just their look and an expensive wardrobe full of designer clothes (which she pays for based on her look... vicious circle?). Bottom line: there are people I like to look at in magazines and ads (models) and people who are worth to actually talk about (real people, or at least 'realer' for me ;).

Crystal Renn falls into both categories though (did I just contradict everything I said so far?). In my opinion she's a beauty. She's also a model with unusual history of being both too fat and too skinny at some stages of her life. After reckless dieting she decided to eat normally and started a career as a plus model (since when is 12 a plus size?! I hope it's not true in real life). She then lost her weight again but never went back to the crazy diets and just stayed healthy and happy with herself... and of course makes loads of money now ;) (hurray to happy endings). Doesn't she look gorgeous?! I love those pics. 

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Party time

With Christmas parties in full swing I have been going out, going black, going 'bowy' and mostly going to enjoy myself ;) Bored of plain black tights I've invested in some funkier options this year and so far so good which means I might be stocking up on them before Christmas just in case we're snowed in again.

It's getting more difficult to take proper pics and I realise that this awful angle does me no good so I will have to come up with something better but for now, as always, the crooked pics of me & myself...

1. Girly night in & out. Don't remember too much (rather unfamiliar scenario) but we ended up dancing for hours so brilllll night! Surely, I didn't bring the glasses with me...

Dress - New Look
Necklace - present; didn't survive the night buuu :(
Bag - Thailand
Shoes - Dorothy Perkins
Tights - Primark

2. Christmas party (work) -> I was running extremely late so funny pics but gives you an idea. It was full of bows and a bit smarter + a little jacket that I only see now I didn't capture ;)

Dress - Vero Moda
Necklace - charity shop
Clutch Bag - TK Maxx
Shoes & tights as above

Sorry for being brief  ->  tired & rather hangover...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Modern vintage

I like vintage clothes and I'm so envious of people who wear them. One could wonder why? I could wear them too, I mean it's not like they're hard to get or anything. Well there's few things.

1. Maybe not hard to get but to get it right? very hard...
2. I'm just not the type that could wear few vintage pieces at the same time. I see women dressed in 3 v. pieces at the same time and they look fun & funky & cool. Me? I look like my grandma's closet threw up on me.
3. I think they look best on ridiculously skinny people. Like everything else actually...
4. How do you define vintage these days? anything that's from a charity shop seem to be called so but it doesn't feel right. It's a lie after all.
5. Vintage things feel like they were made for vintage women... pointy breasts etc.
6. They're bloody pricey.

I got a vintage top!(you can laugh now) Blouse? Shirt? Call it what you want, it's old and hm I hope that it really is vintage... I don't think people at the Christmas Markets lie, do they? (Got it at the Christmas flea, great idea! loved it.)

So this is my take on vintage. Like it or hate it. I'm not sure myself ;)

Blouse & belt - vintage
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Shoe Rack

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Silky camel

Camel (coats, colours.. anything goes) has been by far the biggest hit in this season's collections. Whether it's the amount of this stuff around, that has influenced me (not that it's difficult or anything) or maybe I'm simply liking it, whatever it is - I totally fell for it. And so from camel shorts we're moving on to... my recent 'charity shops hopping'. Since the weather wouldn't really let me to go as far as my work or anywhere near it last week, what could you do when you're not earning money if not spend it?! My boy was away as well so I had some real time to kill with nothing to do and not too many shoppers to disturb me as most human beings went into hiding for those (wonderful, white) few days.

I've realised one thing, a serious oversight on my blog. I've been posting a lot of outfits recently... but I didn't wear shoes! I mean we all know what 'that extra inch' can do.. Apologies so and I'll try to stick to 'fully clothed' pics now ;) including footwear :)

Below is my lovely camel find. 100% silk @ € 6 per piece (George's Str), it doesn't get better than that ;)

 As we all  know, the devil is in the detail... ;) I really like the print on those shorts. Not too obvious but just about visible when you need it.

Blouse - trifted, charity shop
Shorts - F21 (a serious comfort factor ladies! watch out, these are fab)
Shoes - Aldo

Saturday, December 4, 2010

If there really was Santa

Have you ever thought what would it be like if Santa really existed? Probably. But since I haven't had much to do in the last few days (work, cleaning and all other stuff can obviously wait) the spirit of Christmas is oddly getting me to think of all things impossible. I stopped getting excited by Christmas a while ago. Since I live by myself it's hard to really create the Christmas feeling at home-after all it's about the laughter and crowds of family and friends. And so, since the last few Christmases passed me by without making me feel festive, it's a surprise to me that this year, although it's still so extremely early, I can't stop thinking of Christmas! I don't have any plans as well which is looking rather bad as it may turn out that I'll be on my own on Christmas Day (you'd notice, tears-filled posts will be a hint) so I can't figure where the feeling is coming from. Anyway, I saw this in Penneys yesterday, thought it's hilarious and I had to get it.

This is my first ever Christmas stocking, imagine! It's not a tradition back home, that's why. So looking at that every now and then Santa was kinda on my mind. If he really existed, I could probably forget about presents for the rest of my life! Or start every letter with those exact words. BUT if he did exist and I was a little angel and he could just read my mind I think this is what my stocking would look like this year...

Elizabeth and James More Heeled Shoes (ok, so I know it's recession and so, there's the pocket friendly version: Asos Tobago), Asos Maxi Belted Cardigan, Asos Tie Neck Military Blouse, Mango Paperbag Waist Trousers, Asos Premium Intricate Hard Case Clutch. (all pics from

Ahh that would be a one good Christmas (outfit) stocking... sure if he was too busy he would just drop in a gift card for Jervis and we would all be as happy ;)

Fighting the cold

I hate to be cold. Wet, cold feet, frozen hands and shivering under the jacket? if that's the state I'm in you better get out of my way... I just hate cold (I know I just said it, just making sure I'm making myself clear). After few days of getting ridiculously cold every day (even though I had good few layers on) waiting for buses that never arrived, getting completely covered in snow that wasn't supposed to fall, I 'fashionably' gave up. Following days of explaining to my boy that I'd rather slip and fall than look crazy, I changed my mind. It felt so good.... my boots got laughed at in work but my feet were so warm! I could actually walk instead of nearly ice-skating in the RI boots which are totally useless once it gets cold, wet & slippery. Ok, I gave up on fashion for practical reasons so? I'm nice and warm and that makes me smile :) at the end, that's what matters most!

When I got over the cold I realised how cool Dublin is when it snows! it just looks so pretty :) I also went out with my boy one evening and we made our first snowman (that's for those who ask me about progress in our relationship, yes people do, our first snowman! hey we're on to another level ;) I hope we're not moving too fast now...;).

I wore the above today, starting off my day in a Bite of Life for breakfast (real fire, real food, real pleasure!).
Scarf-handmade, my sis

And here's our snowman :D

Friday, December 3, 2010

Off shopping!

Since I got back home on Friday, I spent most of the day asleep. Trying to fight off the 7h time difference between Thailand & Dublin as well as 17h journey with hardly any sleep, by the time I got up and was feeling a tiny bit more human, it was Saturday-late morning. My boy had a plan for us for that Saturday since before the holiday - Dublin's Taste of Christmas. I wouldn't go as far as calling us 'foodies' but we're both quite keen on food and if it's good-keep it coming (you can kinda see that's where a problem with maintaining my weight starts, can't you?). The thing was on for 3 days, supposedly similar to the Taste of Dublin, which I'm a huge fan of, it was told to be the winter version of it. It was also in the new convention centre which I haven't seen inside yet so I was looking forward to it. What can I say... disappointment doesn't cover it. The amount of restaurant stalls was extremely small; most floors were filled with Christmas decorations etc, mostly by M&S. I mean if I wanted to go shopping I hit Grafton Str and it's not like I need a ticket huh? Very disappointed. Too little choice and generally a very poor event. If you wanted to shop for Christmasy things or stock up on wine, you were at the right place but I thought the whole point of it was the food (hint: TASTE of Christmas?! hello?).

Anyway, everyone looked happy and merry and I was happy to see ladies dressed up a little bit but still cosy in their winter layers of comfy things.

After Saturday like that though I was looking forward to my Sunday. Again, since long before I had a shopping trip planned with my sis and a friend. It was to be my first encounter with the 'new' Jervis. You got it right; I was to hit New Look & Forever21 for the first time. Imagine the excitement! After realising it's gonna take me hours to get there due to totally iced footpaths I set off early and was one of the first customers to enter New Look just after their door has opened. Hell it was a pleasure. Up to that moment I wasn't a New Look fan. I owed possibly 3 pieces of their clothing, all of which were very quickly sold on Ebay for that reason or the other. The shop totally blew me away though. The choice and variety of clothes and SHOES, OMG their shoe section, did you see that? I'm seriously impressed. Considering the prices etc it's a total winner. So, after a quick browse in there we headed for F21. And although I can't say I was blown away like I was by New Look (my friend wasn't that much, I'm wondering whether it's just the way all new shops make me feel like or what?) I liked it. It's very reasonably priced to say least and the amount of stuff is unbelievable. Maybe even too much a bit? quite hard to find your way around it but I'm sure it's just a question of time.

So here are few pics of just before I left for shops & in town (don't mind the poses ;)


Jumper - Primark
Skirt - Stradivarius
Jewellery - mix of everything
Boots - River Island
Bag - Urban Outfitters
Coat - River Island

Oh BTW, I stocked up on colourful glasses during my holiday, just to keep it colourful in here since my clothes are usually on the dark side :)

Like a little pressie before Christmas? Enter The Licentiate's great giveaway in  HERE

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Last but not least

Cambodia. It's hard to talk about fashion in Siem Reap. It's hard to talk about shops in Siem Reap at all. Everything is like market type stalls and poverty is all too visible. Local people surely don't go beyond practical when it comes to clothing and you can't blame them.

Rather than Bangkok-like modern shops, these are the sites that surround people in Cambodia...

However, you may never guess how hard those people's lives are. Smile and a friendly greeting is a normal and obvious way to act when they meet a foreigner. They're by far one of the nicest people I met while travelling.

Back to fashion :) Somehow, I managed to put my hands on one Cambodian fashion magazine. I was very curious. It's way better than I thought it would be actually (looking at the pics just, I can't read Cambodian as you can imagine). A lot of Western clothing and ads, it has an Asian feeling to it and although there are outfits that we wouldn't dare to put on in Dublin, I think it's not too bad.

The thing I dislike most are the shoes (I don't know why but everywhere in Asia shoes are just horrible) and I find it hard to consider turtlenecks sexy - it's one piece of clothing I'll try to avoid forever and ever and ever... 

My little finds

Obviously it didn't just end on looking at the pretty shops ;) I was quite good though and didn't go too crazy on shopping (I already started regretting it;) ).

I bought a bit of jewellery, most of which is quite unusual, a lot of the time funny and well, ridiculously cheap too ;) Here's a sneak peek for you;

There's no such a thing as too many rings ;) 

 I finally got a Casio watch! I was lusting over it for months since the first time I saw it in Urban Outfitters and now, I finally have it! My sis laughed out loud when she saw it and made (a quite truthful) comment about the watch looking like something I got for my Communion... many many years ago. And I realised it is! so I like it even better ;) she's still laughing I bet.

Clothes-wise I got only 2 pieces (why oh why): a transparent shirt and an oversized cardi. Both pictured below (including a bit of my tan ;)

Belt is my only buy from Cambodia where I couldn't find a shop to suit my style (more about that in next post) but I managed to find a vintage dresses store! I have to say Dublin vintage shops would be happy to have their stock. I was impressed. Unfortunately couldn't find a dress to fit me/please me, I went for this unusual vintage belt so... and I really like it.

Ohh and of course I went a bit mad on handbags... there're 2 out of my 5?6? (who cares ;) buys.
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