Saturday, December 11, 2010

Modern vintage

I like vintage clothes and I'm so envious of people who wear them. One could wonder why? I could wear them too, I mean it's not like they're hard to get or anything. Well there's few things.

1. Maybe not hard to get but to get it right? very hard...
2. I'm just not the type that could wear few vintage pieces at the same time. I see women dressed in 3 v. pieces at the same time and they look fun & funky & cool. Me? I look like my grandma's closet threw up on me.
3. I think they look best on ridiculously skinny people. Like everything else actually...
4. How do you define vintage these days? anything that's from a charity shop seem to be called so but it doesn't feel right. It's a lie after all.
5. Vintage things feel like they were made for vintage women... pointy breasts etc.
6. They're bloody pricey.

I got a vintage top!(you can laugh now) Blouse? Shirt? Call it what you want, it's old and hm I hope that it really is vintage... I don't think people at the Christmas Markets lie, do they? (Got it at the Christmas flea, great idea! loved it.)

So this is my take on vintage. Like it or hate it. I'm not sure myself ;)

Blouse & belt - vintage
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Shoe Rack


  1. Anonymous13/12/10

    Ooouh love the little belt!
    Yeah I find vintage hard to get right sometimes - I only get really nice pieces once in a blue moon really! But when they're right... they're oh so lovely!

  2. love love it! you most certianly got it right lady! i love vintage bits and bobs too, but sometimes 'vintage inspired' is easier to work with!

  3. Aniu wygladasz zjawiskowo!!!!!!! Masz nosa do takich pieknych rzeczy jak ta bluzka.

  4. Anonymous19/12/10

    Very cute outfit! x


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