Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Silky camel

Camel (coats, colours.. anything goes) has been by far the biggest hit in this season's collections. Whether it's the amount of this stuff around, that has influenced me (not that it's difficult or anything) or maybe I'm simply liking it, whatever it is - I totally fell for it. And so from camel shorts we're moving on to... my recent 'charity shops hopping'. Since the weather wouldn't really let me to go as far as my work or anywhere near it last week, what could you do when you're not earning money if not spend it?! My boy was away as well so I had some real time to kill with nothing to do and not too many shoppers to disturb me as most human beings went into hiding for those (wonderful, white) few days.

I've realised one thing, a serious oversight on my blog. I've been posting a lot of outfits recently... but I didn't wear shoes! I mean we all know what 'that extra inch' can do.. Apologies so and I'll try to stick to 'fully clothed' pics now ;) including footwear :)

Below is my lovely camel find. 100% silk @ € 6 per piece (George's Str), it doesn't get better than that ;)

 As we all  know, the devil is in the detail... ;) I really like the print on those shorts. Not too obvious but just about visible when you need it.

Blouse - trifted, charity shop
Shorts - F21 (a serious comfort factor ladies! watch out, these are fab)
Shoes - Aldo


  1. Anonymous9/12/10

    awesome blouse! Love it!!! x

  2. Mmm, I love camel.
    That outfit works really well! your glasses are great. x



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