Friday, January 28, 2011


Dear fellow blogger/ reader/ eskimo (cross out the unnecessary one) I am turning to you with 2 questions that seem to remain unanswered by myself for too long now.

1. How to look after a bonsai tree. I got it as a present and although in general I'm not fond of plants at all (it was obviously given to me on purpose; apparently to teach me responsibility? I'm too feckin sensible as I am already!) I really like that little tree. And so I took extreme care of it (as opposed to my regular negligence) but it looks more 'sad' every time I look at it. The fact that it's losing leaves can't be good either. Any good, simple advice?

2. Miraculous meteorites that are invisible. I got this Guerlain thing because it was recommended to me million times. It's supposed to do wonders. So far, I wonder how could I be so silly and buy it without trying?! Over € 40 for make-up is not too little for me (I could have something to really wear!) and this is simply invisible! I tried and tried and whatever I do, after I put it on I actually look like I'm wearing less make up than before and that is never good in my case. Help? if not, at least buy it off me... ;)


I hate people who complain about something but don't do anything about it themselves.

And here I am giving out about lack of styling tips re: dressing for work. To prove myself wrong I will try to start and post work outfits (ok, ok sounds boring but stay positive; I will blog about my trips too ;)

So that's a very quick sneak peek at what I wore yesterday. Less the glasses and the crazy bun of course ;)

Black transparent shirt is definitely not an obvious office choice. That's something I'm very careful with, always always wear something underneath (BTW bra in insufficient). Also, bright skirt + dark top + dark tights. Again a very risky choice and personally one of my least favourite (what was I thinking?! must have been asleep). To provide some extra cover-up for the shirt + take away from the powder-pink skirt and somehow put the whole thing together, I went for the colourful, purple scarf... one way or another I think it was OK.

Recommended: normal day at work, nothing spectacular or too casual.

Shirt - Primark
Scarf - New Look
Skirt - H&M (swapped!)
Bag - Zara
Shoes - Shoe Rack
Ring - present from Barcelona

Thursday, January 27, 2011

12 months 12 countries # 1 -> Oslo/Norway

I'm not sure how did that happen but it's the end of January and I still haven't mentioned my one and only New Year's resolution... it might be actually more suitable to call it a plan since it doesn't involve dieting, fasting and all those other things we usually 'commit' to at the beginning of a New Year.

12 months 12 countries, that's the plan. Note that I don't promise to make it 1 country a month but hopefully by the end of this year I would have been to 12 countries... budget allowing ;)

My first trip was to Oslo. You'd think this wasn't the best time to visit, it was bloody freezing but I loooved it! Amazing place, unfortunately not much I can talk about fashion-wise (hard to judge their sense of fashion based on enormous overcoats). I also left my 'shopping time' for Sunday which (of course) turned out to be the only day when everything was closed! So I came back empty handed. I hope that won't happen again and I'll surely plan this part better!

Here're some pics from the trip; the ice skating girl being the most stylish person I've spotted all weekend, not sure if the picture does her justice but on the ice ring especially, she looked fab! Or maybe it was just the fact that I could hardly stand up straight wearing the skates, not to mention moving gracefully...  There's also a snap of the Mulberry display... totally fell for it.

You'll probably think I was far from stylish myself, what can I say, I like to be warm ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dinner time

I haven't been the best blogger recently, so sorry!! Since I've started in my new role at work, my life has become much more 'numbers' than 'fashion' focused. Although I do try and make an effort, even if it's 9-5 dressing, when running out of my apartment every morning, trying to get in there as early as possible, snapping shots of my outfit is not neccessarily first thing on my mind. High waisted skirts and blouses are (too) quickly becoming my uniform though so maybe taking pics of myself would be motivating and push me to do something more than that? Note to myself: something to think about.

I had a chance to get into less official outfit yesterday when I was heading to my sis for dinner (OMG you want to taste that food!and I still have some take away stored in my fridge-yummy!). The extreme weather conditions (what's with the wind?!snow,floods,impossible winds-what have we done to that planet?!) had prevented me from throwing on something nicer and so I went for something comfy and hmm I guess very me.

Necklace-present from Barcelona

That reminds me, anyone here reading the Irish Tatler? I'm sure everyone is at least familiar with it. There's this feature by Angela Scanlon in every issue now, nine-to-five working wardrobe. While it's one of my favourite parts of the mag, I always turn to it as soon as I get a chance, the more I look at it, the more I think: these aren't 9 to 5 wordrobes. I mean if I could turn up at work wearing THAT... not that I don't like the outfits that are being featured. I love them! That's the problem, unfortunately office-approved clothing is rarely as funky... Anyway, I'll keep on trying to be more creative with my work clothes and here's to more objective magazines' features and help with 9-5 dressing! Because we need it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Changing times

Christmas went by, sales went by, we're few days into the New Year and I'm properly in my 'new' workplace for the first time tomorrow. 'New' cause the employer hasn't changed. Just the location and the job itself. All for good though, so I'll surely be overworked for the next few weeks but I'm really looking forward to it. I'm also very close to Grafton Str now... dangerous ;)

Following all the changes, my wardrobe got a bit of an update too; a re-organisation, were clothes suitable and un-suitable for work have been separated. Since not much has fallen into the first category, sales came handy and helped me to start off my new working wardrobe, filled with knee-length skirts and pretty blouses (hello 9 to 5 ;).

I was on the way of finally sorting through things that have been waiting for too long. I threw myself at 2 little DIYs that I've been putting off for ages.

1. Vintage jacket. Got it for few € in Oxfam but was in serious need of some repairs. Stitching was coming apart & there were no buttons. I spent ages today in Hickeys (OMG I love that place now) trying to find the right type and finally settled on these... and so, another little contribution to my wardrobe. It's an amazingly cheap one as well so I'm planning to do way more shopping in the charity shops this year!

2. My boy's old shirt. This little Armani number has been stained with antiperspirant and sitting crumbled in my storage for months. After a lot of 'Vanishing', ironing (a pity my boy never thought that does wonders to shirts ;) and general cleaning up, I was left with a great shirt just a tiny bit too manly-fitting for my liking. So all I've done was; got 2m of pretty ribbon in Hickeys, I've rolled up the shirt's sleeves (one of the most visible differences in men's shirt, wider sleeves) and got sewing... only so much so that the ribbon would stay in place hence if it's ever to be taken back (by the boy who suddenly remembered he needs it) it wouldn't leave marks. I also made an extra bow that can be attached to the collar. Way girlier, way better :) Below two ways to wear it... officially and casually.

Shirt - Armani 
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Nine West 

 Shirt - Armani
Shorts - DIY, done from my older sis' old jeans
Runners - Converse

The moral of the story? Get into local charity shops willing to do a little bit of work on your purchases and never ever let your boy throw clothes out... unless it's underwear of course ;)
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