Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dinner time

I haven't been the best blogger recently, so sorry!! Since I've started in my new role at work, my life has become much more 'numbers' than 'fashion' focused. Although I do try and make an effort, even if it's 9-5 dressing, when running out of my apartment every morning, trying to get in there as early as possible, snapping shots of my outfit is not neccessarily first thing on my mind. High waisted skirts and blouses are (too) quickly becoming my uniform though so maybe taking pics of myself would be motivating and push me to do something more than that? Note to myself: something to think about.

I had a chance to get into less official outfit yesterday when I was heading to my sis for dinner (OMG you want to taste that food!and I still have some take away stored in my fridge-yummy!). The extreme weather conditions (what's with the wind?!snow,floods,impossible winds-what have we done to that planet?!) had prevented me from throwing on something nicer and so I went for something comfy and hmm I guess very me.

Necklace-present from Barcelona

That reminds me, anyone here reading the Irish Tatler? I'm sure everyone is at least familiar with it. There's this feature by Angela Scanlon in every issue now, nine-to-five working wardrobe. While it's one of my favourite parts of the mag, I always turn to it as soon as I get a chance, the more I look at it, the more I think: these aren't 9 to 5 wordrobes. I mean if I could turn up at work wearing THAT... not that I don't like the outfits that are being featured. I love them! That's the problem, unfortunately office-approved clothing is rarely as funky... Anyway, I'll keep on trying to be more creative with my work clothes and here's to more objective magazines' features and help with 9-5 dressing! Because we need it.


  1. love the outfit. Yeah ive read the Angela Scanlon pages in Tatler. totally agree, some of the stuff you just wouldnt wear although they are fab. I commend anybody that can get up early in the morn, throw together a fab outfit and have perfect hair and makeup to boot, all this by 8 in the morn. my god, id have to get up at like 5!!!

  2. Anonymous20/1/11

    Oh I'm glad to hear that her article is back!! Love the shorts and blouse combo! xx

  3. Great outfit. . i have one quite similar! :)

  4. Świetny set. Bardzo mi się podoba połączenie tej koszuli ze spodenkami. Super! I buty też fajnie się zapowiadają, muszę je obadać na żywca ;) Buziaki


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