Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spain's little treasures

Finally a follow up on my Madrid trip with few of my favourite buys.

I'm totally in love with that skirt, something completely different for my wardrobe which is always a good sign (experimenting=progress :)

Skirt - Sfera
Shoes - Zara
Shirt - COS
Necklace - pocket watch turned necklace by me

These shoes turned out to be very comfy too and perfect for work. I think they work well with the midi skirt which can be quite tricky to wear (unless it's heels or sandals, just don't even go there)

I am also really happy with the antique pocket watch I got at the market and turned into necklace, it was complimented good few times already so it's doing well ;) I managed to get Vogue too. I always try to get it in countries I visit but it is unfortunately way more difficult to find than you'd imagine (most of the time).

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

12 months 12 countries # 2 -> Madrid/Spain

I know it's already the end of February and nobody remembers anymore that they've made some resolutions but I'm trying to stick to my plan.

I went to Madrid with my sis and had a brilliant time! It was high time for the two of us to head somewhere together!

Here, very shortly and straight to the point, Madrid's highlights:

  1. Food. Oh how I love Spanish food... tapas is the way forward, I vote for more tapas places in Dublin. 
  2. Spanish waiters. Come free and inevitably with point 1. No English speaking but so cute. (My dear boy, you're so much cuter, this is for single girls of course)
  3. Shopping. Hard to describe, so much, so cool, so hard to stop
  4. More shopping!
  5. Madrid flea & antique market. You have to see it to believe. Millions (ok, maybe a bit less) of little steep streets filled with everything! Hard to haggle if you've no Spanish though, it can turn into a public argument with many people involved screaming at you in Spanish (re: me buying a blouse)
  6. The museum. The one with the Picasso painting. Such a pity I spent too much time on points 1 to 5 and never made it there... 
Overall a cool city, brilliant spot for a short weekend. Metro makes is so easy to get around and also we got the very end of winter sales which means we bagged some proper bargains.

What I fell for? the same as usual when it comes to Spain: the sunshine, the happy people & the effortless, amazing style of Spanish ladies + this season all of them absolutely rocking the red lipstick. Seriously cool. 

I didn't have my camera with me (no men=nobody to carry it around ;) but here are few pics we managed to take. 

 Thanks to my sis for great time and putting up with me ;*

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This is like soooo exciting.

Ok, I don't have much time so will try to make it short. I finally got my Christmas present! You may or may not have realised that I skipped the subject. You see I sort of brought my present back just after Christmas... to make sure that I have the one I love. Not that I didn't like it, it's the most amazing present ever!

Ok, to the point. For Christmas, my boy got me a pair of... Louboutin's! But like I said, I wanted to make sure I have a pair that I love and will wear forever (it's not like me to spend € 500 on shoes.. I mean 1 pair of shoes) so I brought them back and was waiting for the new boutique in BT to open. It's open now, it's amazing but not as much as my shoes ;) My first real, real designer shoes. I'm so happy! Isn't he the sweetest boy ever? Here are few very quick pics straight after work. Is it just me or does that outfit go quite well with them? Total coincidence :)

Trousers - Topshop
Waistcoat - Springfield (Madrid)
Shirt - Sfera (Madrid)
Glasses - Primark
Necklace - old watch turned necklace from Madrid flea market
Shoes - Christian Louboutin

Ahh bliss..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

9-to-5 #4

We're back to working wardrobe again (inevitably). This time very unlike myself - trousers... wider leg, wide top... a tad more 70s?possibly. Or possibly I'm just imaging it ;)

Blouse - Dorothy Perkins
Trousers - River Island
Necklace - Primark
Shoes - Awear
I'm sooo tired, can't believe it's only Tuesday! hope you're all more energetic than I am ;)

The pom pom girl

It was my friend’s birthday last week. We had a lovely chat over a drink @ South William’s on Thursday (after trying to get together for months, as always) but the party was a must. As usual I was struggling with what to wear. It’s easy if you’re going along with couple of friends and you’re just generally aware of how much effort everyone is going to put into their outfit ;) If you’re heading to a party where you know no one except for the birthday girl herself, that’s a hell of a different story for me. You see I might be confident at work, maybe sometimes even considered bitchy after clearly expressing my opinions ;) but when it comes to bunch of people I never met before I’m back to my teenage self with all the insecurities right back there. I usually play it safe then clothes-wise to ensure that I’m at least comfortable and don’t stand out too much.

This time I went a little bit more as myself… and even tried out my red lippie for the first time, yay! :)

I went totally mad for it in Spain (the second of my ‘12months 12 countries’ destination I headed to with my sis at the beginning of February; more coming soon; we’ve done some serious shopping!) and although I bought a Dior Rouge on the way home I wasn’t sure whether I’ll be actually brave enough to wear it in Dublin. I mean you get whistled at on the streets just by wearing jeans, what could red lipstick do huh? However, is there a better time to try it out than a night out when you really don’t know anyone? (and so, you can sort of be whoever you want…)

So here’s my outfit, probably for the first time ever without a necklace as I thought I’ll let the belt do the talking ;) I think pom poms on the dress are funny and a bit mad at the same time-just the way I like it!

Dress – Limited Edition by New Look
Belt – I can’t actually remember!
Shoes – Faith
Tights - Primark

Thursday, February 10, 2011

9-to-5 #3

I'm beginning to think that if I keep taking pictures of my clothes I'll soon get rid of my whole wardrobe ;P I just never seem to like the way they look when I look back at the photos... that can't be a good thing?!

Anyway, again one of my working outfits... here we go

Shirt - COS
Trousers - Stradivarius
Shoes - Dunnes
Necklaces & belt - Primark

This is as comfy as it gets. Flats ensure that you're ready for anything (including Irish weather) but if swapped for heels would completely transform the outfit.

Note: I need a haircut. I need a hairstyle!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The story behind my dress..

I promised that I'll show you my take on pleats. I will now but there's actually a story behind it (patience ladies ;). It sort of proves how bad I am when it comes to shopping....

My sis' birthday was coming up. I had lots of time to find something, think of something, buy something -> do anything basically. I do spend quite a lot of time at work lately and even if I don't I'm still working in my head ;) so I found if difficult to find time to go shopping (not that I normally have a problem). When her bday was merely few days away I decided to take advantage of the fact that I work right in town and go shopping at lunchtime. Bad, bad, bad idea... 3 days later, 3 lunch breaks later, I still had no present but every day I went back home carrying bags of shopping... Do you wanna know when did I decide I must stop? do you really? when I bought a glass head... yep. Now, don't get me wrong, I love it ;) (see below, isn't it cool?!) but let's just say it made me realise that I'm shopping way too much and not getting any closer to getting her a present.

Obviously, when I finally got her something I came home with some stuff for myself as well. This is when the dress comes into picture, I bought it while shopping (again) for my sis present.

 I wasn't convinced about the top part of it but the pleats are just fab so I couldn't resist it ;)

Dress-TK Maxx
Shoes-New Look
Nail polish-nails inc.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pleats as Punch

One of the new trends that's infiltrated fashion world recently is pleats. Personally I often associate it with schoolgirls and tacky dresses (re: ruffled AND pleated dresses are a total no-no for me). I'm pleased (as Punch;) to see that they're in clothing as well as accessories this season and they're actually really stylish! I already saw few pieces I really liked...

Now here's the thing, they're trickier to wear than they seem (unless you're 5ft8in and well, a model). Basic rule: let the pleats to pleat! Ok, I can understand that it's probably not very clear so just in case you didn't get my weird metaphor (like my boy) I'll explain (in his words, after I demonstrated what I mean) that the basic rule is: do not let them stretch. There is this horrible thing when someone wears a pleated top that's too tight on their chest (or just doesn't sit properly) and it just looks awful so be (especially) aware of pleated swing dresses


They really have to be loose to look good. I actually had a dress just like that and gave it up for that particular reason...
Below are some pretty this season pleated things that I like! Enjoy xx

All skirts: Topshop; trousers: Zara

I'll be revealing my take on pleats soon so stay tuned darlings ;@)

9-to-5 #2

Here we go again-> work. Very simple and hmm spectacular-not outfit but a sort of basic that, well, has to be revisited every now and then :) to make sure I don't look too goodie goodie I messed up my hair and layered on necklaces!

 Shirt - Stradivarius
Skirt - made to order
Shoes - Shoe Rack
Bag - from Thailand
Necklaces - dunno..

p.s. how do you like the monkey picture in the backgroud? not that I'm showing off but it's actually my work (based on Banksy of course ;)
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