Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pleats as Punch

One of the new trends that's infiltrated fashion world recently is pleats. Personally I often associate it with schoolgirls and tacky dresses (re: ruffled AND pleated dresses are a total no-no for me). I'm pleased (as Punch;) to see that they're in clothing as well as accessories this season and they're actually really stylish! I already saw few pieces I really liked...

Now here's the thing, they're trickier to wear than they seem (unless you're 5ft8in and well, a model). Basic rule: let the pleats to pleat! Ok, I can understand that it's probably not very clear so just in case you didn't get my weird metaphor (like my boy) I'll explain (in his words, after I demonstrated what I mean) that the basic rule is: do not let them stretch. There is this horrible thing when someone wears a pleated top that's too tight on their chest (or just doesn't sit properly) and it just looks awful so be (especially) aware of pleated swing dresses


They really have to be loose to look good. I actually had a dress just like that and gave it up for that particular reason...
Below are some pretty this season pleated things that I like! Enjoy xx

All skirts: Topshop; trousers: Zara

I'll be revealing my take on pleats soon so stay tuned darlings ;@)


  1. Love the red topshop mid length! x

  2. I'm echoing Elle here - I love that topshop midi too. It's just the right shade of red.


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