Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spain's little treasures

Finally a follow up on my Madrid trip with few of my favourite buys.

I'm totally in love with that skirt, something completely different for my wardrobe which is always a good sign (experimenting=progress :)

Skirt - Sfera
Shoes - Zara
Shirt - COS
Necklace - pocket watch turned necklace by me

These shoes turned out to be very comfy too and perfect for work. I think they work well with the midi skirt which can be quite tricky to wear (unless it's heels or sandals, just don't even go there)

I am also really happy with the antique pocket watch I got at the market and turned into necklace, it was complimented good few times already so it's doing well ;) I managed to get Vogue too. I always try to get it in countries I visit but it is unfortunately way more difficult to find than you'd imagine (most of the time).


  1. Spodnica geniusz!!!

  2. really like this skirt - not sure i could pull it off though! but you defo do, love those glasses too! xx

  3. Skirt is FAB!!
    Lady Peach

  4. Anonymous5/3/11

    Very cool skirt! x

  5. Anonymous6/3/11

    I ADORE this look! You look fantastic.

  6. as you know, I didn't like that skirt at first but I have to admit - you look fabulous in it :) your blog is great - keep up the good work! xx

  7. This outfit looks so fabulous on you. =o)

  8. I love your blog! Great finds :)

  9. I love your skirt ! <3

  10. Anonymous15/3/11

    I "discovered" Sfera when i was in Madrid a couple of weeks ago. I probably could have bought the whole shop! Did pick up some fabulous unique jewelery for pennies of what it would have cost here. Very good quality too.

  11. Really love that necklace - even more so because you made it!


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