Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The (almost) Royal Wedding

Sadly, the first one of the weddings is behind me. Why so? I had a great time and soooo much fun. It was my first visit to the oh-so great Dunboyne Castle and I have a feeling that it's not my last one... there're reasons people talk about it - it's fab.

The weekend couldn't have happened without some disasters - for me, mostly toilet-related... Yep, I got stuck in a dress in a pub toilet, I was seen half-naked by a stranger (what the hell was he doing outside ladies' window?!) and I managed to actually go into a wrong toilet... I know, I can master embarassing moments.

Still, nothing took away from one of the funniest parties ever. And of course my dress, which I nearly ended up not wearing and which I could hardly breath in half way through the dinner. Apparently you must suffer if you want to be beautiful, I'm telling you, it was still worth it -> loved it.

Dress - vintage Givenchy @ Covet
Makeup - by Daisy (let me know if you ever want to get in touch with the best makeup artist in Dub!)


  1. Wow! You look amazing! How much was the dress to rent?

  2. thanks so much; it was € 170 -> totally worth it! I just keep on thinking I would love to have it in my wardrobe...

  3. Wow! Wyglądasz olśniewająco! Jak milion dolców :) Cudowna sukienka!

  4. Excellent. I will have to make a pilgrimage there for a few weddings this year.

  5. I see myself making my way to Covet very soon... amazing dress

  6. I keep on saying that and I really mean it - you look like a model!!!! everything - make up, dress, hair - just PERFECT :)

  7. Looking amzing that dress is too cool x

  8. that dress is really amazing, you look amazing :)
    visit my blog please:

  9. great dress - you wear it well!


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