Thursday, May 26, 2011

12 months 12 countries # 5 -> Pisa/Italy

Yeah I keep on trying and I keep on going to meet my target :) I'm beginning to realise though, how hard, really, it's going to get to reach the magic 12 in 12 months... but let's focus on Pisa for now ;)

I sang my praise to Italy here before. I really think that deep down I'm either Italian or Spanish (or just a real foodie). As always, Italy more than fulfilled my expectations. Fantastic weather, stylish people, lots of amazing shops, beautiful buildings and tiny streets... every single time I fall for it all over again. I was amazed to see that even in town as small as Pisa (at least it felt small, I can't give you any real data but the fact that you could walk to most places makes it small right?) you could find an Armani boutique and a street full of other designer shops. I also couldn't quite stop staring at the shoes - a really simple Chanel look-a-likes, and their leather bags - with price tags so low that it was hard to take them seriously.

I've got unusually large amount of pictures for such a short break which I put down to the fact that my boy's shoulder was sore and he couldn't carry the camera. Since I had to carry it anyway, I kept to taking pictures rather than just have it sitting on my shoulder. Ok so I know that's a bit too many but I already shrank it so much...

I wanted to do the 'ups' and 'downs' of Pisa but it just wouldn't be fair, I liked it too much. The mix of beautiful people, sites, my purchases and all other things I loved should hopefully give you the feeling of why I liked it as much (and if you' re in Dublin, it will make you feel even worse about the weather outside..).


  1. Amazing pictures!I am so jealous of the weather,here in UK its raining all the time!should we follow each other?

  2. I just got back from Rome and I'm heading to Spain next month. LOL! The food is my addiction. :)
    Looks like you had fun. Pics are amazing!

  3. Just found your blog and really like it! Wondering where you got the lovely shorts? I am a lady who doesn't like my thighs and those look nicer than your average hot pant type short.


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