Saturday, May 14, 2011

The ultimate style icon

With my 100th post approaching, I've been wondering if I should do something special for it.

The moment I sat in front of the computer today, it just hit me. I never really talk about people who inspire me. Considering this blog is in some way a creative outlet of my mind, it is obviously important to mention who are the people that in one way or another influence me. However, I won't talk about my sister who is the most patient person in the world (when it comes to my ups, downs and all other weird times), or my boy who has those weird powers that simply make me get up and keep going, as important as they are of course!

My 100th post will be dedicated to one of (in my opinion of course, BTW everything on this blog is my opinion ;) the most stylish ladies out there. I'll admit it - I know very little about this fabulous girl. I don't really care though, what I know is that every time I come across her photograph, I feel like writing, I feel like fashion, I feel... inspired. And that's all that matters to me in this case.

So here we go, my 100th post and my ultimate style icon: Miroslava Duma.



  1. Im ashamed to say I've never heard of her! (although i do recognise that picture of her with the singlasses n floral skirt!) but wow she has such great style! x

  2. She is truly amazing and also an inspiration to me, as is your blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. Uwielbiam ją! No i chętnie zamieniłabym się z nią na zawartość szafy ;)

  4. she's stunning and woah I love her sense of style :)


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