Thursday, July 28, 2011

love, hate & a cardi

I am slowly picking out what I like and what I'll surely avoid this A/W 2011.

Apart from sticking to my pleated, midi skirts (they're still in, at least for now) and stocking up on some burgundy separates (compulsory to be paired with the animal print!) I also like some of the more unusual choices being:

Portfolio clutch - we all must have perfected the colour blocking by now so why now use it for autumn? Love these clutches but they're a bit awkward to use sometimes due to the size. You can fit stuff into them as they're big enough but when they're stuffed, they're really uncomfortable to hold. Considering my habit of carrying too many things around, not so sure..

Print shirts / blouses - love the funky designs and the playfulness of them. The sort of thing that will only last for a month? Very possible

A collar - I first saw one of those on a Topshop display but really didn't like the tee they paired it with, however, they have the brass type which is easier to wear than a leather one.

And what will I be staying away from for now? Wet look leopard pants. No excuse for those. I know you should never say never in fashion (you'll probably see me in those next week, now that I said it..) but I just don't think anyone should go near them. And if you do - fair play to you! :)

 All items by

I have been trying to hunt a cardi that Angela Scanlon used in couple of her outfits recently and which I totally adore. Not much luck on finding something similar so I thought this will have to do. Purpose: instead of a jacket, preferably for summer evenings.

Cardigan - Asos
Pants - New Look
Top - Topshop
Pumps - Primark

Oh and yeah, behind me? a new wardrobe in my boy's place. Nope, I could not fit my clothes into his...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

LCS (Little Coral Shorts)

I have recently had a great night out with my sis & a friend (thanks girls ;*) and when getting ready, I decided to give my uniform of LBD and sparkly jewels a break. Instead, I went for much more comfortable and casual coral shorts, silky top & nude heels (we all know the wonders these can make). Effect? comfort x 10.

When girls were crawling back to my place shoeless at 3am, I was happily tottering ahead feeling like I could still dance until dawn.. ;) I must do that more often (I mean comfort of course, not drinking ;).

I have also seen these shorts in Stellar's spread on stylish bloggers etc paired with a lace top which looked a bit more dressy. 

Top - Topshop
Bag - Gold by Giles Deacon
Shorts - Topshop
Heels - Zara
Rings - Topshop
Necklace - thrifted

BTW can you tell that I got a haircut? no? neither can I!!! grr ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Toughen up

Recently my evenings have been packed with viewings (to find an apartment), packing (to try and organise my life into a neat set of boxes), work (to be able to pay for the new place, preferably walk-in wardrobe..;), yoga (to get away from all previously mentioned), school (to get some basics on fashion) and blogging has become an all time difficult. What I am testing today so is whether I can manage to get up a tiny bit earlier (not easy), get ready a tad quicker (even more difficult) and still have some sort of time to write couple of lines (success so far!).

I haven't got a chance to show any of my sales purchases but what's with working on minimising wardrobe, slowly putting stuff away for the temporary, X amount of time, when I'll be staying at my boy's (yep, scary..), getting dressed has become even more difficult as I seem to be unable to find most of my clothes!

Back to sales though. Of course, my most common mistake is that when shopping on sales I buy last season stuff forgetting that it won't be in any way suitable in a couple of months (or days) when the rain starts pouring down again. This time, every time I set off shopping I was prepared with a purpose for the trip and did my best to stick to it.

Result of one of the trips below.... purpose? toughen up :) I was looking for a 'heavier' outfit, specifically for more autumnal weather which was really easy to imagine at the time with horrible weather all around ;)

Trousers - Sisley
Heels - Aldo (planning on changing the laces, not too sure on the white..)
Jumper - Awear
Bag - Zara

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

9-to-5 # Summer

Trying to enjoy the first (possibly last) days of summer this year and considering the weather forecast which confirms that we may never see the sun again, I decided to wear a silk skirt yesterday. I'm not even sure if I ever used it before so I was quite happy to replace my standard, tried and tested 9to5s and wear something more summery. I wanted to tone down the mishmash-y nautical pattern so I paired it with a simple shirt and kitten heels. Ready for work.

Walk in the morning was quite enjoyable. Sunshine, delicate breeze and smiling people around, all set me in a good mood.

As the day got busier I was (as usually) very late for viewing (yes, still looks like I'll be homeless in 2 weeks time) so I set off for a jog across town at 5.45. I was glad to have the kitten heels on and I was quietly praising my intuition and leaving high heels behind that morning. For the hundredth time though, I forgot how unpredictable Irish weather can be and how (few weeks ago) I vowed never to wear any sort of floaty skirt in Dublin again.

Guess where that's heading? yes, silk is a floaty sort of fabric. And yes, my skirt was made of that particular fabric.

I had at least 5 serious 'Marilyn Monroe moments' along the way. Struggling to keep my skirt where it should be (around my hips rather than my head) I kept little or no attention to where I go and my (no longer so comfy) heels got stuck in every possible crack in pavement I must have passed.

I got to the viewing on time, looking as if tornado has gone through the office earlier on, I still haven't rented the place.

Nautical silk skirt anyone?

Shirt - Liz Claiborne
Skirt - Zara
Heels - Primark

Saturday, July 2, 2011

It had to be Galliano...

I am totally, utterly in love with Kate's wedding dress. Although it took me a few days to start to feel for Lily's and Kate Mid's, I loved this one from the very first glimpse. Or maybe just the fact that she looks sooo happy?! Not that other brides didn't... Whatever it is, I totally heart it. I suppose that ring could have helped a bit too... <3

Pics by

Is it just me or is there a common trend emerging re: veils? see Lily for surprising similarities.

On other big weddings, Princess Charlene just didn't do it for me.
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