Thursday, July 14, 2011

Toughen up

Recently my evenings have been packed with viewings (to find an apartment), packing (to try and organise my life into a neat set of boxes), work (to be able to pay for the new place, preferably walk-in wardrobe..;), yoga (to get away from all previously mentioned), school (to get some basics on fashion) and blogging has become an all time difficult. What I am testing today so is whether I can manage to get up a tiny bit earlier (not easy), get ready a tad quicker (even more difficult) and still have some sort of time to write couple of lines (success so far!).

I haven't got a chance to show any of my sales purchases but what's with working on minimising wardrobe, slowly putting stuff away for the temporary, X amount of time, when I'll be staying at my boy's (yep, scary..), getting dressed has become even more difficult as I seem to be unable to find most of my clothes!

Back to sales though. Of course, my most common mistake is that when shopping on sales I buy last season stuff forgetting that it won't be in any way suitable in a couple of months (or days) when the rain starts pouring down again. This time, every time I set off shopping I was prepared with a purpose for the trip and did my best to stick to it.

Result of one of the trips below.... purpose? toughen up :) I was looking for a 'heavier' outfit, specifically for more autumnal weather which was really easy to imagine at the time with horrible weather all around ;)

Trousers - Sisley
Heels - Aldo (planning on changing the laces, not too sure on the white..)
Jumper - Awear
Bag - Zara

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