Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coast to Coast

Coast has just released their AW 11 lookbook and boy, am I surprised!
Positively of course. You might say I'm not very open minded but all I can think of when I think Coast is wedding and dinner wear.

I have officially completely changed my mind today. I can't actually believe that working literally beside a Coast store I have not been in for ages (yes, since the last time I was in search for wedding wear..).

Their AW lookbook is full of simple and extremely smart pieces that are not only great day wear but can very easily be carried over to the night and transformed into sophisticated evening wear.

I particularly like the whites, blacks and beiges in the colour range and the way they're put together. I was trying to limit the selection in this post to a minimum but could simply not ignore of any of those;

all photos courtesy of Coast

Need I say more?

Oh yeah, I'm heading down to the shop tomorrow, want to join me? ;)


  1. Also, completely pleasantly surprised!!! x

  2. Oh my god, i'm visiting you more often, just beside coast!!!

  3. Piękne rzeczy <3 Pierwsza stylizacja-genialna. A sukienka z trzeciego zdjęcia-wow! <3

  4. It's so classic but more edgy than I've ever thought coast could be! The sequined dress is too cool x

  5. Didn't realise Coast did suits! Or coats?! Surprising indeed! x


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