Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I have recently found myself in a quite confusing fashion situation.

Winter is nearly upon us and I am yet to pick that perfect pair of boots or coat or accessories or anything wintery in that instance at all...

Every time I head for shops to look for one of the previously mentioned (usually after extensive online research to save some time and get what I want), I get pulled away into summery sections or indeed a completely different store which happens to be getting rid of their last summer stock at some really great prices. I know summer 11' is all over now and this stuff will probably not be wearable next year but my summer holiday is only approaching! Faced with perspective of 3 weeks in a scorching hot weather made me flick through my (Irish) summer wardrobe and quickly realise that all my stuff is suitable for 10C but not really 30C+

So. I have 2 weeks to sort out my summer wardrobe and make sure I actually have a winter one!

I better start with the coat (I mean once you have that, nobody knows there's a bikini underneath it... )
I'm currently considering these 3, any advice ladies??

You can just tell I want something furry and cosy, can't you? ;) The first 2 are River Island and the last one is Topshop. I'm also thinking if it's not the time to invest in something classy and more expensive but what if I hate it next year...?

On a separate note, I absolutely fell in love with the way Arielle @ Somethingnavy mixes textures and I think the outfit below is so far, my favourite look for AW11!

If you want to see some more of her amazing clothes check out Somethingnavy


  1. I love her sweater <3

  2. love the mixing of prints she's got going on ! I think the first coat is my favourite <3

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog <3

    Claire xox

  3. Loving that outfit great mix! Think I'd go for the first coat but, the third if you want to keep it safe! x


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