Sunday, October 30, 2011

12 months 12 countries # 10 -> India

In case you all think I'm gone for good, well, I'm certainly not!

I'm really enjoying my time off and what's with all the bad weather in Dublin, it seems like I went at the right time too. I won't be trying to be mean and put up pictures of blue skies and clear water (maybe later;) but I'll share a few snaps from the first stop on my trip - Mumbai.

Although it already seems like months ago, when I think of Mumbai a few things come in to my head: the crowds and craziness, the hardly bearable heat, the amazing smells, loads of colours around, poverty and rich hotels, Gandhi's quotes, markets and goats on the streets. Oh and one more: the continious curiosity and attention that a white person attracts.

Like in any other big city in the world, you'll stumble upon designer boutiques and fancy shops at some stage. Not as easily accessible to locals though, all such places are closely guarded by armed security. As for fashion on streets? Tourists stick to shorts and tshirts and locals dress mostly in traditional clothes. Anyone dressed up in D&G stands out a bit too much...
Amazing place to visit, maybe not for its stylishness though :)

Below are some snaps, I hope you'll look forward to seeing some more, next time from Chiang Mai.

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