Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Textures and patterns

When it comes to patterns and textures and most of all, mixing them, I usually stay clear. This season seems to be all about them though so I slowly and safely try to implement a little bit of pattern and different textures into my wardrobe. I am yet to get to the oh-so-now aztec prints but I reckon I've made some progress!

First of all, I bought the same jumper Arielle from Somethingnavy has worn (see it HERE). My boy is far from convinced (after all I'm nowhere as skinny as her) but I'm happy to add something a bit different to my wardrobe (usually when it gets colder it's all grey/black/green cardigans).

The second step was the bottoms. I still find it hard sometimes to put them together with something (as you'll note on the photos, those socks just don't go with them; pity I realised it after I had the photos taken!) but they're so unbelievably comfy that I can't live without them already!

Blouse - COS
Trousers - Selected Femme
Socks - a present
Heels - New Look


  1. Boots are gorgeous! x

  2. I LOVE that blouse and I'm really impressed with the trousers - the whole outfit looks perfect on you.


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