Sunday, December 4, 2011

12 months 12 countries # 12 (Hurray!) -> Berlin, Germany

It was still November when I fulfilled my plan for this year and visited the 12th country in only 12 (well actually 11) months.

Summing up the whole experience; well, it was great, I really enjoyed all the travelling and I think it may be tough to sit at home on my arse next year ;) On the other hand I have to admit that it was really expensive (it could be done cheaper of course, it's my own fault) and come December I actually feel really tired! I know, I hear ya, I spent 3 weeks on a beach quite recently BUT just being away so much and constantly planning, organising, trying to fit other things in and then afterwards catching up on things... well it just made the 2011 really busy. Again, I'm already thinking what will I do if I haven't got a plan for 2012.. ;)
All in all a great year and a fantastic experience.

It made me a little bit more aware of things that Dublin is missing and it also gave me a feeling of coming home (over and over again) which was great :)

Back to Berlin now. Amazing place, I think I could actually live there! A few days are definitely not enough to see it so I'm sure I'll be back! I loved the residential parts where you can find great cafes, restaurants and of course fashion boutiques! I hit secondhand stores one morning and was amazed with the amount of great quality clothes that you can get.

I'm sure you'll see some of my finds sometime soon in my outfit posts (BTW I promise more of these soon) but for now, I introduce you to the city of Berlin, full of contradictions, history and everything in between.

80's Berlin (museum)

 The Wall

 & the Shops..

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  1. Anonymous17/12/11

    Definitely need to go to Germany. Seems really cool n my friend lives there! xx


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