Monday, December 5, 2011

9-to-5 # Houndstooth

I'm not sure whether my interest in houndstooth came before or after my interest with Salvatore Ferragamo. As far as I can see, it was this brand that brought this classic print back into fashion so I may just say it was simultaneous.

As I was only praising tartan a few months ago, you may think I've unwillingly fallen for all things Scottish. I don't think that's the case and if you get a chance, read a little re: Salvatore Ferragamo as it's an interesting story. The brand has gone through a bit of a 'resurrection' recently, as I'm sure you all noticed. The moment I saw their houndstooth heels for the first time I knew I need something like that, black and white, asap.

I'm not huge into patterns in general so I thought the shoes may be a little too much. When I came across this blazer though, I knew I'm on the right track. It's been already subject to some jokes (men, what do they know about fashion huh?!) but I think it's fantastic and a brilliant way to move away from black, standard blazers, especially when it's cold now and I personally never seem to leave for work without a blazer anymore.

I was very aware of the 'Gaga affect' and I wanted to make sure to avoid it (BTW I loved Evan Rachel Wood in these).

I stayed clear from other patterns when putting the outfit together and I paired it with small injections of colour. It's not the most exciting of outfits but great for a standard 9-to-5 day. 

Blouse - New Look
Blazer - H&M
Skirt - tailor made
Belt - Penneys
Bag - from Thailand
Scarf - present
Boots - Zara
Ring - Penneys

Do you wear houndstooth as well? How?


  1. Anonymous5/12/11

    Love that outfit:)Now I will remember name of that pattern:) Dzieki

  2. Yeah, the jacket looks lovely on..!

    I'm not a huge fan of houndstooth but it looks great when it's worn proper, Evan Rachel Wood looks great in those shoes :)

  3. Gorgeous look babe! xx


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