Monday, December 26, 2011

Still in Christmas spirit

With all the last minute shopping, cooking and basically doing everything that I've been trying to avoid doing at the last minute (but obviously failed), I've missed out on some blogging. Although I didn't wish you Merry Christmas my dear readers, I haven't forgotten about you and I hope that you had a fantastic time. I also hope that this festive spirit stays with you for all of the New Year!

Flicking through my photos I came across some Christmasy stuff from Berlin that I never put up and I think it's only fair if I post it now (it's just too pretty to ignore it).

I hope that one day my tree will be big enough to carry hundreds of such stylish decorations!

I also forgot to mention to you that I keep on working on my little 'fashion corner' and extending my library too... it's getting there :)

 (photos: Vogue UK Nov'11)

Last but not least if you're on a lookout for a good foundation, this one has just become my new BFF.

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