Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Following on my last post I felt inspired to put together an outfit that would complement the makeup. Although I don't own anything like Carrie Bradshaw's 'naked dress', I went for something that I hope looked chic, simple and sexy. It's a very comfortable outfit which makes it easier to feel great as well! I wanted a backless dress for ages now but I'm not confident enough to go all bare. This dress makes it so much easier and shows off/covers up just the perfect amount.

I can also instroduce you to another one of my Christmas gifts - my (amazing) new Gucci shoes. I must have been a really really good girl last year ;) This is my first pair of platforms (I know, shocking) as I always sort of stayed away but I'm beginning to love them!


Dress & belt - Warehouse
Heels - Gucci


  1. Omg, your heels are gorgeous!

  2. Both dress and heels are amazing, the back of the dress makes is soooo sexy, you look fabulous in that outfit!!

  3. Lovely pop of color, yet the detailing at the back is the most intriguing aspect of the dress. You look lovely.



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