Thursday, January 5, 2012


I'm not a beauty expert. I'm surely not a beauty addict. I would never ever leave my house without make-up (ok, maybe if it's 30C outside but let's be realistic, we're in Dublin, effectively, I never leave the house without make-up). Subsequently I rarely give in to new innovative ways of i.e. doing your face, eyebrows, hair or anything for that matter. If something works for me, I usually tend to sitck to it (that would explain my make-up bag full of Rimmel...). 

However, I'm just a girl... (do you remember that song by No doubt?! totally brought me back) and so, if there's something someone praises over the moon and it also promises to save me a lot of valuable time I do tend to give in. And so I did. With the nail wraps. I saw the immculate looking nails on a friend and thought she just saved my life (groomed nails is not my best side). 

Was it my fault? Doubt it, I followed the instructions! Was it the brand? Possibly. All I can say is: stay away from Warehouse nail wraps - unless you want to really look like you 'wrapped your nails'... disastrous effects on my hand below.

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