Thursday, March 15, 2012

These shoes were made for walking

Ok so it's obvious that wearing heels all the time can't be good for you. It's not so easy to translate it in real life though where you spend: most of your time at work (heels pretty much compulsory), some time going out (heels totally compulsory), a lot of time shopping (heels totally unnecessary but hey, they do look good so why not) and very little time exercising (not a 'heels scenario'? I thought so too, until I started burlesque..).

That pretty much sums up my last few weeks which have resulted in sore feet, sore ankles, pain in calves and so on...

I could think of only one solution and you can see it below. These shoes (or should I say runners) were definitely made for walking!


Jeans - Bershka
Top - Zara
Waistcoat - Penneys

It's in the detail...

Runners - Ralph Lauren
Necklace - Penneys


  1. OMG the jeans look absolutely fabulous!! I havent't been to Bershka for ages.. Didn't realize they have such a nice stuff. Thanks for the inspiration :*

  2. Great outfit, I agree we need to give our feet a break sometimes so runners are perfect :) xx

  3. Anonymous19/3/12

    pretty pretty waistcoat x

  4. Your shoes are probably the single most expensive piece of clothing you wear every day, and are undoubtedly the garment you put under the most stress and expect the most out of. Take care of them and you can get some extra mileage out of your clothing budget.


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