Monday, April 30, 2012

Lusting after some real gems

It's only recently that I discovered 
I have since been lusting after pretty much all of the jewellery on their site... 

What really caught my attention about Boticca is that they support independent designers and have created a platform where these emerging designers have an opportunity to display and sell their goods. I think it's a great idea and definitely an initiative which I support. They currently work with over 250 designers from 40 different countries and all of the products on offer are limited. is trying to change the landscape for top independent artists by giving them a credible voice in what can be a crowded and difficult industry to break through. They help them to reach customers worldwide, who appreciate meaningful pieces by exceptional design talent.

If that wasn't enough, today is the last day of their FREE SHIPPING offer! Cards at the ready, I can't wait to show you my purchases ladies! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day to night

I attended the first day of Better Fashion Week on Monday (which was absolutely brilliant btw). As the event was in town and quite early I knew I wouldn't have time to go home and get changed. I decided to accessorise my work outfit a little bit more than I normally would for work and use it for the night. I added a chunky necklace and changed from a simple pair of work pumps to animal print heels. I think that those small changes made the outfit look a bit more fun and much more fashion talks appropriate!

Top - Zara
Blazer - Topshop
Trousers - Zara
Necklace - River Island
Heels - River Island

Messed up hair - a misunderstanding...

The stuff beside me is all by Irish designers, some really cool pieces I wouldn't mind to get my hands on :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Disposable fashion

When I hear words such as: sustainable, carbon footprint, toxic, ethical, organic and Fairtrade; a thought often flies through my mind - here we go again...
I probably shouldn't admit it but I'm not much of an eco-friendly type. I understand the importance of it and I'm also not reckless in my actions. I would rather the paper was reused, plastic recycled and less disposable cups used but I am definitely not obsessed with it. I obviously saw Al Gore's 'The Inconvenient truth' and I was truly touched by it but I also admit that I quickly went back to my bad habits.

I feel as if someone 'up there' is not happy with it and recently bombarded me with proof that I too, can and should, do something for the environment and local community. Since fashion was the subject I was obviously more likely to listen and well, did I hear... 

Maybe it shouldn't but it came to me as a shock to find out how much clothing goes to landfill every day. It is also worrying to discover that my lovely colorful tops were most likely treated with some toxic, chemical dye in order to make them look that cool. 

Social, environmental and economic aspects of the production of clothing, when trying to deliver the latest trend to hungry fashionistas across the globe, are rarely taken into consideration. These are the clothes we don't usually get a chance to wear more than once before they're out of fashion. Quality leaves a lot to be desired too and I often wonder, have I had a daughter, would there be anything in my wardrobe I could actually pass on to the next generation? I have recently inherited some of my grandma's clothes and although some of them look like they simply belong to a different era, there are many that I could get away with wearing and more than anything, are still wearable! Not too sure those Primark pants would stand the test of time...

We are lucky enough though to live in times when nothing seems impossible, especially when it comes to fashion. The number of companies that provide clothing produced in a sustainable way or working with organisations such as Fairtrade increases all the time. And with that, so does the competition and we are finally at a stage that it is actually possible to dress fashionably when wearing clothes that are better for the environment. 
Wearing clothes produced by local designers is also a great way of supporting the 'better fashion'. They are more likely to last long, they have been produced ethically and they will stay in fashion over the years.

How to get a fix of something that won't leave you looking like you shopped at a Fairtrade store but will be good for everyone involved? Check out the brands below as an example:

Melissa, Zatchels, People Tree, the Green Room @ Asos (a platform dedicated to brands with ethical & ecological ethos), Edun, Cred, Komodo, Issi. H&M has recently launched a new collection for their Conscious line which is both affordable, cool and well, conscious!

Jason Wu for Melissa

The Orphan's Arms tee


Vivienne Westwood for Melissa

H&M Conscious Collection

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Better Fashion Week

I have already mentioned the Better Fashion Week in my events listing but I feel that it deserves to be described in some more detail.

I am personally very aware of the impact fashion has on the environment but often struggle to find the balance in staying on trend and acting more sustainable. I really look forward to the Better Fashion Week, I think it's a brilliant initiative and I really hope to see u all there!

Below, some more information on the events.

The 5th annual Better Fashion Week will take place at No. 6 Castle Market Street Dublin 2 from the 23rd – 30th April and will highlight the issue of sustainable fashion through a series of pop-up shops, exhibitions, installations, events and industry talks with fashion heavy weights like Artist/Designer Helen Steele, and ethical fashion writers Tamsin Lejeune and Dr. Kate Fletcher taking part.

Dublin city-centre will see some of the most creative minds in the Irish industry join forces with top international fashion talent to give us a once off and unique insight into the artistry of cutting-edge fashion and No. 6 Castle Market Street will host a selection of Irish designers giving ethical Irish fashionistas the chance to pick up a range of beautiful Irish designs & fashion all under one roof.

Brown Sugar Better Fashion Week will kick off with a month long nomadic shop in No. 6 Castle Market St featuring well known designers and retailers such as; Emma Manley, Sinead Doyle, People Tree, Noire, Red Dog (Shop) and The Irish Design Shop.

Better Fashion Week 2012 highlights include:


An installation inspired by the concept of ‘Better Fashion’ created by Artist and Designer Helen Steele, who will also create a limited edition ‘Better Fashion Week 2012’ print.


A evening on- street showcase celebrating Irish Fashion.


Two panel discussions, chaired by Constance Harris, Fashion Editor of the Sunday Independent and featuring Managing Director of the Ethical Fashion Forum, Tamsin Lejeune, Head of Production at Worn Again, Nick Ryan, designer Natalie B. Coleman and many more.

FASHION FEARLESS; A RE-DRESS Salon in association with Pop Up Productions – (of Trailblazers and Iceland: Ireland project) will open with a ‘behind the scenes’ themed talk on the inner workings of the fashion industry.

DEADLY FASHION – A discussion on the implication of the fashion industry on human rights in association with Amnesty, Trocaire, and the Clean Clothes Campaign Ireland chaired by the journalist Ruth O’ Connor.

Better Fashion Week will also include the screening of Bill Cunningham New York, by Richard Press, a cinematic profile of the noted veteran New York City fashion photographer and the screening of Bitter Seeds by Micha Peled, which explores the controversy of biotechnology, from a village in India that uses genetically modified cotton seeds to U.S. government agencies that promote them and is the third part of a trilogy about globalization.

Brown Sugar BFW is brought to you by Re-dress – for full details of the schedule go to:

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashionable events

There are some really cool, fashionable events coming up in Dublin and I wouldn't want anyone to miss them! So here's a note on the ones coming up in the next few days... have a fashion filled weekend ;)

Saturday 21st - pre-loved designer clothing sale is back @ Fallon & Byrne. This month they focus on bridal wear in case you're on a look out for that perfect dress, I know there'll be some Vera Wang at amazing prices! For more details go HERE

Sunday 22nd - Vintage Fashion & Decor event @ Dun Laoghaire. I have missed this event last year and really regretted after seeing the photos so I will do my best not to make the same mistake again! For more details go HERE

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd - Shop Our Style Events in Dundrum. For more details go HERE

Monday 23rd - Monday 30th - Better Fashion Week is on in Dublin and it is FILLED with events, talks and all things fashionable focusing on the better way to stay in fashion. An absolute must for every fashionista. For more details go HERE

And some great shopping opportunities...

Sunday 22nd - Sunday 29th - Gloves by Paula Rowan sale at the Westbury Mall. For more details go HERE

Thursday 26th & Friday 27th - Joanne Hynes sample sale. No need to say anything more, see you there ;)

Saturday 28th - the sale is on again in Covet! Get your hands on their amazing dresses and get to keep them this time! More details on their Facebook page

[note: the dress on the photo is coveted by myself, no guarantees that it will be available on sale]

Sunday 29th - we all know what happens on the last Sunday of the month... Dublin Flea Market here we come! For information visit the lovely fleas HERE

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Ladies and gents (just in case... ) I am now on fashiolista! I will try to create a list for every new look I blog about so that you can find the same or similar items of clothing easier. I will also keep the profile updated with anything I'm currently lusting after and occasionally mention it here too (before my birthday, Christmases etc ;)

Have a look, it's a very cool tool and lots of fun to use. You can follow me HERE

If you're looking for my looks just go to: lists & looks on the left. If you're lazy, just click HERE ;)

Below are some of the recently added items which I used to replicate my look from yesterday's post.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


After a lovely lunch @ Farm last weekend I was heading back home and passed by this beautiful mosaique wall. I can't believe I haven't noticed it before, I walked this way like million times now! I had to take this opportunity and I got few very quick outfit photos.

I was wearing a very comfortable, Sunday appropriate outfit. I kept it quite neutral, a neon pink top coming out from under the crochet cardigan providing the only pop of colour. This cardi has actually really cute pearl buttons which are unusually placed at the back of it. I grew to love this unusual detail and I now often try cardigans front to back - some of them work great this way so try it out!

If you're looking for a cheap and cheerful neon top, you must try this H&M tank top. It has a really nice cut which is unusually flattering for a tank top (let's be frank, most of them do us no favours) and it's only € 5.95! I already have 2 in the same colour so hurry up before they're gone...

Tank top - H&M
Crochet cardigan - Zara
Jeans - Pull&Bear
Jacket - H&M
Scarf - thrifted
Bag - Zara
Wedges - Promod
Necklaces - River Island & a present
Blacelet - Guess
Sunglasses - bought online

In case you're not following me on Facebook (why not?!;) hit the Facebook banner on the right Now!), I've recently bought these sunglasses online and looove them, what do you think?? You can see them better here: 

Monday, April 16, 2012


I'm well aware of my addictive shopping behaviour but I really got worried recently after a sudden realisation... It was 1 day after the March Flea Market where I managed to get rid of some of my stuff (I actually can't see ANY difference in my wardrobe but I sold at least  2 rails full of clothing! BTW I already saw one of my skirts prominently displayed in a vintage store in town, I won't mention the name but I was SO disappointed... the skirt was bought in Zara!) and I have realised I am now (also) a shoeaholic.

I needed a new pair of flats and since I still had the cash I've made at the market in my pocket (it was literally burning a hole in it already ;) I thought I will pop in to River Island on the way home. As it happens, the sale was on and you probably know how the story goes... I got home with 4 pairs of shoes thinking I will make up my mind and bring 2 of them back. I still have the shoes and I have since purchased another few pairs... but more on that coming soon.

River Island ~ perfect with pastel coloured jeans


Dunnes Stores ~ perfect for a sunny day in Dublin

River Island ~ perfect with skinny black pants

River Island ~ perfect with oversized shirt-dress

Monday, April 9, 2012

A bit less Dub, a bit more Pari..

Although the weather behind my window is more Irish and less spring, with Easter almost behind us I feel like summer is around the corner.

And so, today I will share with you one of my best vintage finds this year so far.

I was just amazed to find that skirt. It looks brand new, it's in the perfect pastel pink and it's pleated. What else could you possibly ask for? I definitely have to make trips to George's Street for Saturday second-hand shopping a more regular thing.  

One of the days when the sun was still shining I put it on and I couldn't help myself... paired with white top, vintage scarf (used to be my grandma's), tiny clutch/purse and nude heels I felt like I could take a walk down Champs-Elysees. Feminine, simple & chick, don't you just love an outfit like that?

Skirt - Vintage
Top - Zara

It's in the detail...

Heels - Zara
Clutch - Vero Moda (present)
Scarf - vintage

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ageless fashion?

Waiting for a bus after work last week I kept on staring at the lady standing right in front of me. She looked like a typical elderly lady, waiting on a bus. What initially caught my attention were her shoes. I have recently tried on numerous pairs of flatforms but I'm yet to find one that suits me. The lady beside me not only found a comfortable pair, she also got a pair in animal print! One by one I went through the individual pieces that made her outfit and I was shocked to see that a lot of them would be considered rather trendy!

I couldn't help myself and ended up taking a photo of her. With Cult at the back, does it stand for ageless fashion?? I'm not convinced. Does that mean that you'll only rock these items as long as you're young, skinny and made-up? Possibly... how scary is that?

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