Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fearless fashion

Since attending the Better Fashion Week, the subject of fearless fashion has been on my mind. How often do I really dress the way I like? Weather, lack of time, what is and isn't acceptable, what's expected of me... these are often the reasons why I reach for the safe choice of black pants, comfy flats & simple tee / shirt. This is also appreciated by the fellow bus passengers - I tend to fall over and stand on people's feet when in heels.

Considering my wardrobe filled with sequined, printed, patterned, etc items though, I now think that I should really try and incorporate these into my daily outfits a bit more. I have this small wardrobe for clothes for work (Mon-Fri pretty much all the time) and that significantly bigger wardrobe for casual / going out-y etc sort of stuff (hardly ever). WTF?!

So, to fearless fashion! let's toast and move on to some serious wardrobe makeover... watch out - here I come ;)

Jumper - Topshop
Trousers - H&M

It's in the detail...



Heels - Steve Madden
Clutch - Aldo
Ring - Penneys
Necklace - vintage pocket watch

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fashion with substance

In a spirit of sustainable fashion, I have created an outfit that I can proudly say does not include anything that could be considered unethical or bad for the environment.

Every single piece of this outfit has a little bit of a story behind it as well. Don't worry, I'll give you an abbreviated versions ;)

Firstly, the hat. Believe it or not this is the first hat I ever purchased and it wasn't even that long ago. I got it at the Dublin flea market and although it is yet to leave the house (I keep on changing my mind just before leaving, every time I have it on) it is one of my favourite 'display' items (as in clothes I hardly ever / never wear but absolutely love and just can't give up).

Let's move on to my skirt. I have a real sentiment to this particular piece. When my grandma passed away last year I have asked my parents to save couple of her clothes for me. For a very image conscious individual, she was also very conservative. Considering her size, impeccable posture, depth of her voice and confidence, she was a lady that instantly induced respect in people. I never saw her in anything other than rigid skirt suits. Imagine my amazement when after opening the package from my parents with some of the clothing from that very same lady, I found the skirt below. Not only I can never imagine my dear grandma wearing it; when did she actually fit into it?! No offence but I always remember her more of a size 16 than 10... Conclusion to the story? you just never know what your grandparents were really up...

There was a story about the Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes too... if you feel like travelling back in time just click HERE :)

As for my jewellery: necklace - it's an antique pocket watch bought at a market in Spain turned into a necklace by myself; bag - handmade from bits of leather and other misc materials by a very resourceful and talented man in India. His workshop / store was full of waste which he managed to turn into cool bags, belts, etc.

I think I can safely call this fashion with substance.





It's in the detail...



Shirt - H&M Conscious Collection
Hat - thrifted
Skirt - vintage
Necklace - DIYed antique
Bag - handmade
Heels - Vivienne Westwood for Melissa

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have recently gone mad...

about Steve Madden!

I always drooled over his shoes on the american blogs but since the name never came up while in Dublin, I just assumed you can't get it at home.


My recent discovery that TK Maxx stocks Madden's stuff left me no choice but to go shopping... I meant MAD shopping!

I got a pair of heels (after a LOT of thinking since there were 4 pairs available, surprisingly all in my size too - destiny or what?) which I am so happy with, I might just never wear them. That perfect shade of pink could be ruined too easily on a night out and so far I just stick to adoring them.

Since the shoes were so perfect I thought I've had enough. My craving was obviously not satisfied though as when I found a couple of different SM items in Belfast about a week later, I wanted them all.

I ended up going for a fur gilet (how handy considering the summer is about to begin).

And 2 pairs of sunglasses - that was the most difficult choice, they were all fab.

Bliss... hope not to see Madden's stuff any time soon, my credit card can only take so much ;)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A shirt dress

The colder the weather gets in Dublin, the more I long for May Bank Holidays of years gone by, spent sunbathing and bbqing. Although it seems like I will never manage to put away my winter coat this year, I am determined to be prepared when the sun does come out. Hopefully it will sort out my extremely white legs too...

I was not a big fan of shirt dresses before but I can now see how easily they can make a very chick & comfortable outfit, without trying too hard.

There are few rules though to make it work:

  • Wear a shirt dress, not a shirt pretending to be a dress - you will be caught
  • Keep the length appropriate - again, it's a dress, not a shirt...
  • Keep the colours fresh and simple - whites, beige & baby blues; no stripes allowed
  • Go for a belt, it will help you highlight your shape but keep it on the slim side - no 5 inch belts please
  • If you really have to go for a shirt, make it your boyfriends and don't forget to roll up the sleeves!
  • Pair it with ankle boots or flats; think hot city rather than hot club (no stilettos please)




A shirt dress - River Island

It's in the detail...



Bag - Marni for H&M
Heels - River Island
Necklace - thrifted
Ring - New Look
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