Sunday, June 24, 2012

The duffel bag

As a bit of a fashion geek, I thought I'll do some research on the subject first.

I reached for my "Fifty bags that changed the world" book, convinced that it will give me all the answers. Unfortunately it turns out that the duffel bag was not important enough to be mentioned.... pity. I personally think that it's interesting enough. On the other hand, looking through all of the 50 bags that made it to the book, well, every single one of them would be a rather difficult one to replace.

I turned to Google so and briefly, you might be interested to hear that the name of this bag comes from a town in Belgium where the cloth used to make the bag originated from. It used to be a military bag. Nowadays, the name refers more to the style of a bag which is cylindrical in shape, with a drawstring closure at the top.
I even looked up Duffel in Belgium but most photos are military-related and well, not interesting enough to publish really!

Here, mystery solved ;) For some duffel-hungry fashionistas out there I have picked out few interesting ones.

Vivienne Westwood

Below, my own duffel bag and a rather not-my-style-but-I'm-trying outfit ;) 

Shirt - 
Dress - H&M

It's in the detail...

Duffel bag - Penneys
Runners - Converse
Hat - Urban Outfitters
Belt - (came with the shirt)

If you're not familiar with check them out ladies! My package arrived super quick and their prices are great. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The perfect boyfriend

jeans of course!

It amazes me that this item, which constitutes an inseparable part of my wardrobe, is suddenly trendy... how could it possibly ever not be?! I mean you have your skinny jeans, you have a pair of cut offs (probably DIYed), a pair of colored jeans, probably a pair of flattering black jeans, maybe a pair of high-waisted or flared jeans and you also, most definitely, have a pair of boyfriend jeans!
Or is that just me? I mean they're perfect. With flats & a shirt, with heels & pretty much anything, with a pair of converse and a hoodie... you simply can't beat them.
They also tend to be the most comfortable ones which again makes me think - are there really ladies out there who wouldn't have them?! Well, if you don't, hit Forever21 asap and get yourself a pair of those... my new favorite pair :) @ below €25 it's a real bargain as well.

I was dying to try out one of my recent charity-shopping purchases too (BTW getting seriously addicted to second hand shopping... isn't it the best though?!). The military-style vest. I wanted to get a jacket first but I think I might need some more time (& confidence) for one of those. The vest is perfect, not too much but a statement in itself :) Paired with a crochet top and a pair of heels transforms a military boyfriend look into a perfectly acceptable lady-wear!

As for the perfect boyfriend? let's be realistic.... none of us
is perfect either ;)

Jeans - Forever21 (v.similar HERE)
Crochet top - Topshop (love THIS ONE too)
Military vest - thrifted (a more subtle military style accessory HERE)

It's in the detail..

Heels - Aldo
Necklace - Penneys
Ring - Topshop
Bracelet -

Monday, June 11, 2012

C'mon boys (& ladies) in green!

Since all of Dublin has gone green (and quite sad as of yesterday), I thought a little green injection in to my look is necessary. Although cheering in front of a screen mightn't be enough, it's better than nothing!

This is one of my 'good girl' dresses ;) It's perfect for any sort of family, work or other social occasions where, well, you're kind of expected to dress like a good girl! It's not very fashion forward but it's a very simple outfit and thanks to the colour, quite radiant. Also, the pleated bottom adds a  bit of an interest.
I thought that pushing it a little further with the preppy look will be fun so I added a metal collar necklace. Simple, comfy & quite chic so perfect for many occasions to come (inc. cheering the boys in green).

Dress - Zara
It's in the detail...


Heels - Zara
Necklace - H&M
Clutch bag - TkMaxx
Ring - present

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Team spirit

As the weather is back to its usual rainy - self in Dublin, I really hope that this was not the only time I got to wear one of my favourite summer outfits this year. 

Skirt & heels are not always the first things that come into my head on a hot day. Most of the time, it's much more likely to be flip flops and shorts. I decided to make a bit of an effort the other day, although, I will admit, I dreaded that I'll get too uncomfortable too soon and just end up annoyed on such a lovely day.
I probably shouldn't be saying it but comfort is important! At least sometimes. On a day like that for example, if you're trying to spend a nice day with your boy, yep, it's definitely important. After all it's not like he'll pick up on your peplum top, paired with a perfect pair of cigarette pants and block - coloured heels by one of your favourite designers. He mightn't even notice that you're carrying a piece of art in your carefully, ombre - manicured hand (the one off, vintage clutch) and your hair is pulled back in a perfectly messy chignon to show off the amazing shape of your Prada sunnies. could turn up in a pair of runners and he probably wouldn't know better! 

Anyway, men mightn't care - we do!

I ended up wearing a maxi skirt, a strapless neon bralet, a basketball-style tee and a pair of heels. I was amazed to find that the outfit was actually really comfortable and perfect for the hot weather! The t-shirt brought me back to my teenage times when I spent endless amounts of time hanging out around basketball field. Nope, I had no interest in sport. I was much more into the boys wearing those basketball tees... ;)   

Bralet - Dunnes
T-shirt - Zara
Skirt - Zara
Clutch - H&M
Heels - Zara
Bracelet - eBay
Sunglasses - Steve Madden
Ring - H&M
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