Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Team spirit

As the weather is back to its usual rainy - self in Dublin, I really hope that this was not the only time I got to wear one of my favourite summer outfits this year. 

Skirt & heels are not always the first things that come into my head on a hot day. Most of the time, it's much more likely to be flip flops and shorts. I decided to make a bit of an effort the other day, although, I will admit, I dreaded that I'll get too uncomfortable too soon and just end up annoyed on such a lovely day.
I probably shouldn't be saying it but comfort is important! At least sometimes. On a day like that for example, if you're trying to spend a nice day with your boy, yep, it's definitely important. After all it's not like he'll pick up on your peplum top, paired with a perfect pair of cigarette pants and block - coloured heels by one of your favourite designers. He mightn't even notice that you're carrying a piece of art in your carefully, ombre - manicured hand (the one off, vintage clutch) and your hair is pulled back in a perfectly messy chignon to show off the amazing shape of your Prada sunnies. could turn up in a pair of runners and he probably wouldn't know better! 

Anyway, men mightn't care - we do!

I ended up wearing a maxi skirt, a strapless neon bralet, a basketball-style tee and a pair of heels. I was amazed to find that the outfit was actually really comfortable and perfect for the hot weather! The t-shirt brought me back to my teenage times when I spent endless amounts of time hanging out around basketball field. Nope, I had no interest in sport. I was much more into the boys wearing those basketball tees... ;)   

Bralet - Dunnes
T-shirt - Zara
Skirt - Zara
Clutch - H&M
Heels - Zara
Bracelet - eBay
Sunglasses - Steve Madden
Ring - H&M


  1. I absolutely love this outfit! you look gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE your outfit, it's such a great combination with the shirt and the skirt:) You look lovely:) XX

  3. That is such a cool combo, very edgy! Love the movement in the first pic too, lovely :)

  4. Oh, men always care even if they say otherwise... :) You look beautiful and I am sure your Mr was proud to have such a stylish girlfriend. x

  5. your blog is amazing!
    I hope you'll visit me and follow me if you like :)

  6. Amazing look dear!
    Gorgeous blog! Following! Follow back? <3

  7. Wow, what a risky pairing! I never thought a sportsy tee could look so great with a maxi skirt! And I totally agree with you: being comfortable is a must for every daily outfit. We all want to look great, but days are long and busy, so we need an outfit that can be comfortable for the whole day :) .

    Sara from A Modern-Day Lady

  8. I'm really in love with my new clutch! About the covers, i have 2 of them and I really like the colors :)
    I hope we can follow each other

  9. I love it!!!!


  10. Omg! you look stunning! amazing pics <3

  11. wow, gorgeous outfit!!


  12. You can never go wrong with all that Zara! So chic, so summery, too perfect! xx

  13. Hahahahah omg the description on how we want to look and how our boyfriends see us! Just perfect... i´m still laughing! Comfort is very important for me too! so next time use a pair of shorts and flip flops girl!!!! hahahaa

  14. As I always say, 'you should never take style advice from a straight man!', you look great!

  15. Love this skirt so much, love how you styled with an edgy t shirt, you look great!

  16. OMG, really, rocked out in that look!


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