Friday, July 13, 2012

Better late than never!

Exactly 1 week late I finally get to mention my recent appearance in the Irish Independent. Huge thanks to the lovely Niamh O'Rourke for chatting to me after the Ebay's fashion show and most importantly: taking more than just 1 photo ;)

What is your...
  • Favourite shop?
          Vintage, charity and second-hand shops in general.
  • Best bargain buy?
          A powder-pink silk, short T-shirt dress by Michael Kors reduced from € 260 to € 20 in Tk        
  • Biggest splurge?
          A pair of black leather, pointy pumps by Christian Louboutin for € 500 from Brown Thomas.
  • Best- and worst-dressed style icons?
          The best is Kate Moss and the worst is Lady Gaga.*
  • Favourite label or designer?
  • Monthly spend on clothes?
          About €500 **
  • Last fashion buy?
          Printed silk, vintage scarves on ebay.
  • Biggest fashion mistake?
          A very short, white dress.
  • What do you love and hate in fashion?
          I love pushing the boundaries and how you can do whatever you want in fashion and I hate the
          fact that everyone is wearing Jeffrey Campbell shoes right now. ***

* What?! I'm obviously not great with on-spot interviews. Style icon should obviously be Miroslava Duma and worst-dressed hm... we all have our ups and downs so I can't really blame anyone.
** My boyfriend had a good laugh at that, apparently that's if I didn't actually go shopping every day..
*** Just to clarify, I love Jeffrey and recently got a spiked pair of loafers by JC which I am crazy about. What I actually meant was the fact that you can't spend 5 min in town without bumping into Lita...


  1. Congrats!!! Anna you look great! :) xxx

  2. You look Fab love your jeans!

    Rachel x

  3. Congrats!! You do look great!

    Luv, Nyt
    Metajojuana under a Starry Nyt

  4. sofia14/7/12

    You've been discovered!

  5. hahaha yaay! :') this is great news :) you look lovely too

  6. you look great on the pic A.!

  7. Lovely piece! Bizarrely I just posted on JC, beyond the Lita today!

  8. Great look) congrats!!!!!


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