Friday, August 31, 2012


I think this may actually be a first DIY I'm posting on the blog... exciting!

I upcycle my clothes quite regularly but a lot of the time changes are made to make something more wearable or fit better so it's not interesting enough to talk about. I thought I'll do a post about this little job I did few days ago as it's really easy and the final effect is actually pretty cool.

Military and jewelled clothing flooded the floors of HS stores. Although I'm loving both, I doubt I could get much wear out of them long term. I was loving the Zara shirt below but wasn't convinced about spending €50 on it. I headed for a charity shop instead and picked up Esprit military style blazer. Some jewels from Crown Jewels and.. voila!

* photos are kinda homemade too ;) 


And results..

Inspired by Zara's shirt below

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Out of sequins

This is a little taster and a link to an article I did for the lovely crowd at RTE's TwoTube.
Have a sparkly read ;)

See this article on Twotube HERE

Seen all over runways over and over again, sequins are definitely here to stay (hurray!). It’s fantastic news for any girly girl. Sequined items can lift an outfit and they allow for lots of fun with your clothes. They are an obvious choice for a night out (your opportunity to pretend you finally made it to the red carpet) but they are also great to wear during the day if dressed down in the right way.
If you want your sequined garments to last you for a couple of seasons, both through summer and winter, there are a few things you should bear in mind. Don’t buy items in seasonal colours, patterns and shapes – they won’t last. Do stick to blacks, golds and silvers as they always come back and are easy to update with changing trends.
It’s the end of summer sales season now and a great chance to snap some sparkly bits at brilliant prices. Read on and bear these few hints in mind when shopping.
The TopA sequined top can easily become your fail-safe option for the night when nothing fits, nothing goes and you just don’t feel yourself. Make sure that the colour suits your complexion and goes well with lots of items in your wardrobe because if it does, it will instantly boost your mood and add that extra sparkle to your eye!
The dressFun, feminine and flirty, the sequined dress is a true statement piece. When picking one out, make sure that it’s comfortable and not too heavy – it may end up being a pain to wear otherwise.
A Blazer/CardiganA blazer or cardigan is, in my opinion, the item you will get the most wear out of; thrown over summer dresses with sandals, over a t-shirt with skinny jeans or an evening dress with pretty heels . . . the options are endless.
JumpersIf you like the idea of sequins during the day, an embroidered jumper is the way to go. AW’12 has a lot to offer in this section.
AccessoriesSequined pieces can be unforgiving on a figure and simply aren’t every girl’s cup of tea. If it simply isn’t you, don’t trash the idea just yet; focus on sequined accessories which will instantly add that little extra to any outfit.
Black sequined pieces
Remember black sequined pieces make a perfect base for a bit of fun as they allow other colours to pop. Don’t worry, they won’t overtake the outfit. Although sequined, black is still a very safe option and you can easily go a little mad with i.e. your shoes. Don’t give in to temptation of going for the black pumps only because your dress is sequined!
Sequins DO’s and DON’Ts:
  • Pair sequined outfits with nude heels if you are trying to keep it subtle (formal outfits especially)
  • Have some fun: if wearing a black sequined item, add a pop of colour
  • Keep the rest of the outfit quite simple
  • Go bare – a stunning dress just won’t look the same worn with opaques
  • Pair your sequined skirt with ankle boots and a tshirt for a cool and edgy day time look
  • Save your sequins just for nights out
  • Ever wash your sequined garments in a washing machine
  • Pile on too much jewellery. To avoid overkill, keep it simple and understated
  • Forget to style your hair appropriately – it will complete your head-turning look
  • Wear more than one sequined piece at the time – you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree, even during Christmas time!
When it comes to buying your new sequined favourite, you couldn’t be more spoilt for choice. Every high street store offers a range of sparkly pieces, starting as low as € 12.99! (Zara shorts). If you’re looking for something on a really low budget, hit the charity shops and most importantly – the Dublin Flea Market. You will easily pick up something great at a really reasonable price (if you head late on a day, a lot of stuff will be marked down as low as € 2!) and if you’re in search of a vintage or one-off – this is definitely the place to be.
Happy sparkly shopping!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I never thought I would be that person with piles of sunglasses around. Especially since living in Dublin, I mean it's not like I actually need any! But here I am again, with another pair arriving in the post... I will put it down to being positive and making sure I am prepared when a scorching hot Irish summer arrives!

The glasses arrived really quickly and on a perfectly sunny morning (how did they do that?!). I was surprised to see that 2 free pouches were also supplied. One hard and one soft cover, I'm sure they will come handy (they're not the most stylish ones around but hey, they're needed).  I nearly disposed of a mysterious bag with small metal tools inside when my boy explained that this is a handy set of tools. For people who fix their glasses of course. I left it for him to play with..

All in all I thought the glasses looked better than online. It's a great shape and I am really happy with them. I am yet to try them out driving (a real test in my opinion, I seem to see less when driving, don't ask why and do not mention to Garda) but so far it's 8 out of 10 to Firmoo for both service and product!

Firmoo is now running a Free for New Buyer programme so you can pick a pair of glasses and only have to pay for the postage! Brilliant idea and you can check it out HERE.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The Dutch always striked me as very inventive people :) I also think that they have great taste and on the 2 occasions I visited Holland, I loved to (totally inappropriately) stare into their apartments full of books and contemporary art.

I am not least surprised to hear that it's a Dutch company, Refinity, who invented the newest eco-fashion solution: fabric ink that can be washed out and re-applied. Although it's still early days, it seems like something that will really make sense if used on the right fabrics. It combines fashion's short trend span with fabrics' long life cycle (effectively extending the shelf life of the garment). It will allow the owner of the piece to update the print as trends change which is fantastic.

I look forward to hearing more about Refinity and their innovations and also getting my hands dirty with some ink - paisley print here I come!


Prints and samples by Refinity

Friday, August 3, 2012

Style Hunter

I was previously snapped by Ebay's Style Hunter and never got an opportunity to share it with you guys. They are a seriously stylish crowd so it was a privilege having my pics taken by them! If that wasn't enough, headed by Darren Kennedy have now paired with Style Hunter in search of Ireland's savviest street stylers. Make sure to check them out, I predict lots of fab Irish style to come!


Shirt - thrifted
Sequined jacket - H&M
Trousers - Zara
Coat - Michael Kors
Bag - Zara
Runners - Converse
Necklace - Topshop

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer wedding

One of the most difficult occasions to dress for, in my opinion, is a wedding. It's something I talked about last year already... See HERE and HERE.
Varying from super-casual, through summery, to really smart, it's often hard to get it right. Personally I'm not a 'wedding wear type of person'. I find it difficult to find balance between: not too much party-like, interesting, chic and cool/fashionable. Comfort is also hugely important to me as weddings do tend to be long and usually start with huge dinners which doesn't help!

Below is an outfit that I wore recently and I was very happy with. I got a few compliments from strangers which was really nice (let's be honest: all your friends and family have to say how great you look, random people don't). The pics were actually taken for myself to see if I'll go for it so I want to reassure you: hair, makeup and tan were looked after on the actual day of the wedding ;)

Dress - Orla Kiely
(belt replaced with a ribbon)
Heels - Marks & Spencer
Bag - Accessorize
Fascinator -
Bracelet - River Island necklace worn as a bracelet

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