Friday, August 31, 2012


I think this may actually be a first DIY I'm posting on the blog... exciting!

I upcycle my clothes quite regularly but a lot of the time changes are made to make something more wearable or fit better so it's not interesting enough to talk about. I thought I'll do a post about this little job I did few days ago as it's really easy and the final effect is actually pretty cool.

Military and jewelled clothing flooded the floors of HS stores. Although I'm loving both, I doubt I could get much wear out of them long term. I was loving the Zara shirt below but wasn't convinced about spending €50 on it. I headed for a charity shop instead and picked up Esprit military style blazer. Some jewels from Crown Jewels and.. voila!

* photos are kinda homemade too ;) 


And results..

Inspired by Zara's shirt below


  1. amaizng result!
    I just found your blog and I really love it!
    check if you want my blog and maybe follow?

  2. Anonymous2/9/12

    love it! here's to the first of many DIYs x

  3. really like it! follow you! Can you visit my blog?


  4. Great idea! why pay so much for Zara when you can do it yourself! I'm off to look up "crown jewels" :)


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