Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day to night # Sequins

My recent piece for RTE's Twotube on sequined garments was full of advice on how to pull off these tricky (but oh-so-fab) pieces and which ones to go for (read it HERE). Do they really work? I'm about to prove my point.

I decided to use my last 9-to-5 look as a basis for an outfit that would be suitable for drinks or dinner after work. So it's a day to night scenario using a sequined garment.

All I did was: swapped the black blazer for a sequined one, the oversized bag for a clutch and the flats for a pair of heels. 3 simple changes (all of the items would easily fit in the oversized bag during work hours) and you're totally ready for a night out. Thanks to monochrome basis of the outfit it was easy to up-style it and make it suitable for a night.

After a busy day at work, we all deserve a break...
Cosmo anyone? ;)

Blazer -
Shirt - Zara
Trousers - Zara

It's in a detail...

For details on previous outfit's accessories, pls see previous post

Heels - Faith
Clutch bag - FCUK
Watch - DW
Ring - bought at a flea market in Brussels

Monday, September 24, 2012

9-to-5 # Black&White

I still believe that nine to five dressing is one of the biggest challenges many fashion-conscious ladies face every day. I will try to get back to my 9-to-5s and hopefully give you some ideas on how to fight that battle ;)

This particular outfit is very simple and it would be perfect on a day when you just don't know what to expect from your work day ahead. It is smart but not over the top, paired with flats it is also comfortable but still chic and official. The key to this look is: using monochromes (keep it smart and simple), going for very simple and unfussy shapes (avoid scruffiness and keep it business-like), pairing it with a good sized bag that's interesting but not too fashionable (I find Orla Kiely to be the perfect choice for anything like that) and wearing shoes that are elegant without being sky-high (the comfort aspect which you'll be thankful for at the end of a busy day).

Blazer - River Island
Shirt - Zara
Trousers - Zara
Bag - Orla Kiely
Shoes - River Island
Watch - DW
Bracelet - River Island
Belt - Zara

Thursday, September 6, 2012

DIY necklace for Insomniacs

To celebrate Dublin Fashion Festival and promote ‘DIYing’ & recyclable fashion I created a very simple DIY based on a rather unusual element... plastic lid!
Who said your take-away coffee lids can’t be useful!? Insomnia provided me with some materials, magazines and internet with inspiration... check out the results below.

Step 1:
All you need is: couple of lids, a pretty thread / ribbon / rope – anything that you feel is suitable as a necklace carrier (mine was from Rubanesque). 

Step 2:
Cut the lids into tear / leaf shapes. Play around a little, the more interesting the better! Make sure you mix them up and have both flat and arched types – the second ones will help you create some volume.

Step 3:
Every piece needs a hole so get going with that puncher!

Step 4:
Threading is not everyone’s cup of tea but hey, after so many cups of coffee... you can do it ;)

Step 5:
Result! Congratulations, you just got yourself a pretty unusual, pretty cool and super cheap neckpiece!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Batwing tops, dresses and tunics always made up a significant part of my wardrobe. It's some kind of safety thing for me, I always favored oversized clothing. Another reason why I can't wait for autumn - I will certainly indulge in all the boxy, huge coats and anything else that's big out there!

The outfit below is a very simple, reliable ensemble that's perfect for a weekend. I like to throw this comfortable set on Saturday morning when heading for a breakfast in town. Whether you end up strolling around the shops, in a gallery or playing in a garden with your niece afterwards, it will always work - you have my word for it.

Although I tried to get over my body insecurities and I have committed not to buy batwing or oversized clothes anymore, I couldn't resist this blouse. It is one of my great finds from Siopaella and I just realised Reiss has a very similar dress this season (with a hefty price tag), you can see it at the end.

Blouse - Siopaella
Trousers - 7 for all mankind

It's in the detail...

Hat - bought in Italy
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Watch - Daniel Wellington
Bag - bought in Tk Maxx
Bracelet - Topshop

Batwing dress by Reiss @ € 250
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