Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY - spiked necklace

I haven't been the best blogger recently but I promise to makeup for it very soon!

Today, I have a simple and a very satisfying (is it ok to say that?) DIY job to share with you.

I bought a few different types of studs and spikes some time ago and I finally decided to put them to use. I was going to use them on a blazer, to bring it up to date a little but ended up playing around with them and decided that they would be perfect as a necklace! All you need is some studs, ribbon, one pin to help you work with the previous two and a little bit of time on your hands:)

Below is my small step by step guide to a really cool and easy to make necklace. It has proved very useful in my wardrobe already. Enjoy!


I actually ended up adding another few spikes each side after the first wear but it really depends what you're looking for. The little knots keep the spikes in place and add to the look of the necklace so I would recommend you do them but again, it' really up to you and feel free to share your designs with me!

Sunday, November 4, 2012


The colors of autumn are by far the best in Dublin. Although the leaves fall all around, the roads and parks look absolutely fantastic. I thought I will try to use the fabulous colors, sunny weather and the fact that since I recently moved, I can now take outdoor pictures with hardly leaving my new home (disadvantage? neighbors must already think I'm crazy before I even got a chance to bring a cake around!).

Shooting outside with so many colors and light proved WAY more difficult than I anticipated so you will have to be patient - it may take a little longer for my photos to get better.

I am loving the tucked in jumper look this autumn which so many bloggers and stylists sport right now so I decided to give it a go myself. Looking back at the photos, I would definitely use a different jumper, either more fitted or less patterned. I'm also not so sure about the embroidered collar with this... I would still keep the bag, that's for sure. I like that it adds a bit of print and a different texture as well.

Have you tried tucking your jumper in?

Jumper - H&M
Skirt - thrifted

It's in the detail...

Heels - Gucci
Bag - thrifted / vintage
Collar - COS
Rings - Oasis
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