Sunday, November 4, 2012


The colors of autumn are by far the best in Dublin. Although the leaves fall all around, the roads and parks look absolutely fantastic. I thought I will try to use the fabulous colors, sunny weather and the fact that since I recently moved, I can now take outdoor pictures with hardly leaving my new home (disadvantage? neighbors must already think I'm crazy before I even got a chance to bring a cake around!).

Shooting outside with so many colors and light proved WAY more difficult than I anticipated so you will have to be patient - it may take a little longer for my photos to get better.

I am loving the tucked in jumper look this autumn which so many bloggers and stylists sport right now so I decided to give it a go myself. Looking back at the photos, I would definitely use a different jumper, either more fitted or less patterned. I'm also not so sure about the embroidered collar with this... I would still keep the bag, that's for sure. I like that it adds a bit of print and a different texture as well.

Have you tried tucking your jumper in?

Jumper - H&M
Skirt - thrifted

It's in the detail...

Heels - Gucci
Bag - thrifted / vintage
Collar - COS
Rings - Oasis


  1. Tucked in jumpers are necessary now that it's so cold... brr! I adore your bag, it's fabulous x

  2. such a cute look! perfect for fall :)

  3. I am also loving the tucked in sweater look! And that skirt is beautiful! =)

    <3Jo of

  4. this is amazing! you look so cool, love it!!

  5. Yes, just 3 euro. Was 40 before but zip was broken so I got it for 3 euro. :)
    when did you catch that great weather in Dublin? in tallaght is raining and cloudy all the time:(
    i really like your jumper. is great!

  6. Anonymous13/11/12

    Great look!

  7. Love the jumper and skirt because both are looking so unique and beautiful and you are looking very stylish in that pair..:)

  8. Anonymous16/11/12

    looks so cosy yet so chic x


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