Friday, January 4, 2013

Out of focus

Long forgotten, I came across these photos in my (very) early spring clean. A bit out of focus, I barely remember wearing the outfit... what I do remember though is a story of this dress.

I always keep an eye on new stores/boutiques opening in Dublin (it's a bit of an addiction really). The same applies to restaurants/cafes actually and although it's totally unrelated, if you haven't been to Hatch & Sons on Stephen's Green yet it's well worth a visit (I had an amazing lunch there yesterday).
Back to my story!

I heard about Lucy loves Francis some time ago and planned to pop in for quite some time, always stuck for time. What really attracted me was the name of the place (love it!) and the fact that it was based on Francis Street - I have a great sentiment for that place but that's a yet another story.

When I finally made it there, I loved the quirkiness of the decor, the mad-looking trinkets all around the place, the old man with long, white beard working on a sewing machine and everything else that was so unique and a little 'off' about that place. I instantly decided I want to buy one of their vintage frocks as I couldn't possibly leave empty handed. Flicking through a long rack of dresses I realised they're a bit too much for me considering how dressy and vintage they were. I had the one last rummage through the 'reduced rack' ready to leave when I found it. A dress made of vintage fabric but cut so simple it could actually work in the 21st century. A dress that looked the saddest of them all. The one that I could imagine throwing on last minute, along with a screaming red lippy and Chanel No5 running off to that perfect party where it would dance the night away...

My dress.

Dress - Lucy loves Francis
Jacket - Vero Moda

It's in the detail...

Heels - Kurt Geiger
Necklace - Anna Dello Russo for H&M
Bag - bought in Thailand


  1. Ohh, how I do love that dress! I can't pull off the dropped waist look but it looks absolutely GORGEOUS on you! <3


  2. When I saw this dress I just said wow out loud haha. It looks beautiful on you. Happy 2013! :) x

  3. This jacket looks perfect <3 Stunning!

  4. Anonymous5/1/13

    Perfectly styled x

  5. that's an awesome dress :)


  6. The dress is so sweet and I love your use of accessories. x

  7. very cute! love the shoes xo

  8. Love your jacket and the heels too..:)

  9. Nice hair! The necklace looks great too, really eye catching.

  10. Wow! Real lady real diva! Just discovered your blog and I love your style!


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